WE seem to have survived the end of the world. But David Cameron and George Osborne seem to be lining us all up like lemmings to go over the cliff of despair.

While The Press is running a campaign to ‘Stamp out Poverty’, this dynamic duo are pushing people into poverty with the rich, disabled, the unemployed and those on low wages in line to go over the cliff of despair.

This pair should spend more time on doing something about kick-starting the economy, pay day loans, online gambling, immigration, tax avoidance by big companies, re-regulation on our EU membership.

As the number of banks increase – that’s food banks – 2013 is looking bleak.

Just like lemmings, once the final ones have gone over the cliff of despair, the rest will follow. After the poor came the middle class followed by the rich – after all, we are all in this together.

Chris Mangham, Lindsey Avenue, Acomb, York.