THE Letters page seems to regularly attract from both ‘for’ and ‘against’ 20mph zones. I find this to be no more than a theoretical debate.

In practice, while walking the 20mph Bishopthorpe Road section, I rarely see any vehicle moving at this speed. I walk this road eight times a week and find almost no one observing the rules.

While driving in South Bank 20mph zones I find I am regularly overtaken or have the ‘pleasure’ of vehicles behind weaving about the road space eager to find a way to get past. Nobody I think enjoys this sort of behaviour.

Surely it is safer to have vehicles travelling at 30mph than overtaking and weaving about.

From a business point of view, how does the council justify spending limited resources on a project which does not deliver its intended product?

An independent investigation should be funded to produce statistics on what is actually happening in 20mph zones and if, as I suspect, the speed limits are being ignored then no further money should be invested in this type of voluntary traffic control.

P Jackson, Montague Street, York.