I WOULD like to say a huge thank-you to all volunteers who over the Christmas period gave their time and effort to make Christmas Day and Boxing Day a much happier time for a lot of people who are lonely, homeless or whatever reason.

The wonderful people of St Michael Le Belfrey had prepared a tasty three-course meal on Christmas Day for anyone wanting to share this glorious day with others. The effort that went in was considerable and these people also did the same on Boxing Day with again a very lovely hot meal and presents.

I know the people at Carebears in St Saviour Gate also did a Christmas meal for homeless and lonely people on Christmas Day and these too gave their time to make sure a brighter day was had.

Thank you so very much for your selfless dedication on these days and all the other days throughout the year that you offer up your time and company so others in a less fortunate position can and do feel part of something.

Sean Atkinson, Gillygate, York.