THE debate about “bus bunching” seems to have stimulated a few letters recently in The Press, the latest from Phil Shepherdson and Paul Hepworth. Mr Hepworth offers various reasons (Letters, December 28th) for the problem and a few solutions.

However, I wonder if the narrowing of the road on some bus routes has contributed to this problem. I refer to the ‘pushing’ out into the road various bus stops, the idea being to use the bus as a mobile road block to stop traffic overtaking it while passengers alight.

The one nearest me on my route into York is near The Fox on Holgate Road. When the bus stops so do all the cars, vans and other buses behind the bus, and the traffic lights are blocked. Maybe it’s time to get the traffic flowing again and pull the bus stops back into the original position.

Stuart Wilson, Vesper Drive, Acomb, York.