ALL those York households whose normal refuse collection day is Tuesday are in for a shock this coming week.

I understood the council’s decision not to make any collections in Christmas week, but they are also planning no collections on Tuesday, January 1. The card sent round in November just says those due for collections on January 1 will “have their waste collected as soon as possible later that week”.

I contacted the council and was told that all homes whose normal collection day is Tuesday January 1 should put out their black bins that night (and also their recycling bins if due that week) – and collections will be made some time on Wednesday 2, Thursday 3 or Friday 4 January – but they cannot tell us which day!

This means leaving out bins and recycling boxes out for up to three days –- in one of the worst weeks of the year for weather, and with many households having extra waste from Christmas.

I feel councillors should have thought this through and come up with a clear date for revised collections for everyone.

Gareth Morgan, Acomb Wood Drive, York.