I AM not in the least surprised the price of the Park&Ride service has to be increased.

This is not entirely due to the increased cost of fuel etc, but also to the inefficient way it is run.

There is no check whatsoever at the three P&R sites I use (Monks Cross, Grimston Bar and Clifton Moor), so it is perfectly possible for two, three or four people to join together and agree to drive individually to any of the P&R sites and then get into one car and drive into the city and park either in a work-allocated space or a town centre car park while sharing the cost.

I had hoped the operators had seen this loophole when the Monks Cross P&R site opened as a barrier had been installed which would have prevented people abusing the system by the above method, but this barrier has now been out of use for at least a year.

Mike Usherwood, Mendip Close, Huntington, York.