I would like to wish a Happy New Year to all the following: The unemployed, the homeless, the families who depended on food banks for food at a time of goodwill to all men.

The children who have developed rickets in this day and age.

The bankers who were let go with golden handshakes after failures and the ones who made themselves rich by fiddling the Libor figures for personal gain.

The Bank of England, whose quantitative easing made the rich richer and pension funds poorer and forgetting that low interest rates caused the eventual massive US crash by keeping them down too long.

The UKIP party who would have us believe all our problems could be solved once we leave Europe. Boris Johnson wrote, if we leave Europe it will be the end for us. I trust him more than the sceptics.

The Muslims killing Muslims while believing in the same God. The Catholics and Protestants who kill each other while claiming to be Christians.

Not forgetting all the children of the world suffering from warmongers and tribal warfare and starvation The US children who suffer from the effects of the right to carry guns and, if they survive, will all probably carry guns.

Dennis Barton, Acorn Way, Woodthorpe, York