YORK Central Library will be unavailable to the public from 1pm on December 24 and will not reopen until January 2. That is eight-and-a-half days closed.

The library is also closed on the first Thursday morning of every month.

Last Sunday, there were more than 30 people waiting outside in the cold. When the manager finally unlocked the entrance doors, 15 minutes late, there was barely an audible apology.

When the public use the library they have little to impress them in there. The computer facility is unreliable and desperately needs upgrading. The public toilets are frequently out of order. The café area is cramped.

Security is poor, resulting in numerous thefts of library stock from the shelves.

The ground floor is more like a creche than a library, with babies crying and infants running about and shouting. Their parents seem unconcerned about the noise as they sit drinking coffee and chatting.

City of York Council should be ashamed. However, I am not blaming the library staff in general. Most do a difficult job well.

CS Jeffrey, East Mount Road, York.