THE picture second down on the left is titled Micklegate, Holy Trinity in Yesterday Once More on Monday. That cannot be right – the only church close to the centre of York with vehicle access is St Lawrence, Lawrence Street.

The lady is standing in front of a car parked next to the tower of the old church, which is separate from the church.

It is the only church with a second tower and spire, part of the replacement Victorian church, and is outside the city walls. The building on the right is the old church hall, since rebuilt.

This area of York was badly damaged during the siege of York in 1644, with a lack of historic buildings in the area outside Walmgate Bar. The old tower is the surviving section of the old church and is now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.

I am sure many others will have pointed this out – the old tower has a plaque explaining the reason for the old tower.

Chris Bush, Treasurer, Holy Trinity Micklegate, Albemarle Road, York.