I SUPPORT Lord Saatchi’s campaign to speed up cancer cures and would like to add some observations. Politicians should step away from their unhealthy obsession with weapons of mass destruction.

They berate foreign regimes as war criminals for targeting civilians yet themselves support the targeting of millions of civilians through Trident.

Trident should be scrapped and the billions ought instead be paid to non-animal experimental, computational immunological research.

We are at the beginning of the end of the medical dark ages which utilises often ineffective drugs and painful surgery akin to providing a watchmaker with a hammer and chisel.

The real battleground which matters to ordinary folk is the one between our bodies’ immune systems and antigens on the surface of cells, viruses, fungi, bacteria and toxins. If these antigens go unrecognised, malicious invaders cannot be locked out allowing them past cell defences to wreak havoc.

Inflammation caused by an inefficient or defective immune system contributes to cancer, heart disease and arthritis for example.

Our non-combatant MPs should throw away their Dads Army tin hats and hasten the demise of chronic pain and devilitating illness that millions must endure in the UK every day.

Make effective antibodies, not war.

Tom Scaife, Manor Drive, York.