“Wind Power creates hope and new jobs” (Letters, December 5).

Who for? Not the Brits: the UK’s flagship development, the London Array off the Kent coast, is costing £1.5 Billion, 90 per cent of which has gone to countries outside the UK and the British pick up the crumbs, but at least the fuel is free and clean.

With regards to the nuclear debate, the reactors are built by Westinghouse an American company, with the fuel (uranium) coming from Canada, Australia and Kazakhstan.

We do process the spent uranium at Sellafield, along with other countries’ waste; more crumbs for the Brits.

Moving on to coal, gas and oil, most of which we import, this really is not an option because of the emissions. Solar is the way forward, if done properly.

Give the people of this country the option of generating their own electricity and develop a mind-set to use wisely so they are independent (as much as possible) from the National Grid.

The sun’s rays are free, we won’t go to war over it like oil, no Government can stop us using it and it won’t run out anytime soon and the technology is simple.

If only someone would make solar arrays aesthetically pleasing. I have designed such a system and invite anyone with vision to take a look at this British system.

David Wilson, Almsford Drive, Acomb, York.