LAST week, following severe flooding, you kindly allowed me to make an appeal in to help wildlife casualties caught out by the fast rising water (The Press, November 22).

Can I say a huge thank you to both The Press and your readers who responded quite magnificently after hearing my plea for help.

Shortly after publication, several pet carriers arrived. This was followed with many more kind-hearted people turning up with cat and dog food, fleece blankets, eggs, paper plates and cages.

As a result, 30 hedgehogs were rescued, including Noah, who was spotted by an observant dog walker in Cawood.

He had been in hibernation and was literally swept out of his nest by the rising flood water. I was able to pluck Noah from a watery grave and he has received the utmost care and medication. Although Noah, like many of the flood casualties, is extremely ill with pneumonia, everything that can be done to save him is being done.

These days our lives are blighted with bad news, austerity, doom, gloom, cruelty and awfulness.

So it is uplifting to know that we have some of the kindest, most thoughtful and generous people in the world.

On behalf of Selby Wildlife Rescue and the wild creatures who have no voice of their own, could I please say a huge thank you to you and to your readers.

I have been humbled by the kindness, compassion and generosity.

Annette Pyrah, Selby Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Low Mill, York Road, Barlby.