WA Tinsley asks why cyclists should not be compelled to use cycle lanes (Letters, December 5).

Our cycle path network is one of the best in the UK, but any one of the following, or in combination, can cause cyclists decide the other way: poor surfaces, lack of continuity, too many pedestrians, poor access points, additional gradient, thorns, wet leaves, ice, personal security.

I do not know of any cyclists who, given the cycle path option, mix with motor traffic without a good reason.

Also, I must challenge the writer's assertion that cycle paths are build “at great cost to council taxpayers”. As I understand it, the vast majority of funding for cycle paths was won by City of York Council in competitive bidding to the Government.

This is central government funding, from which York benefits.

It is also still a tiny part of the investment in our transport infrastructure.

Jim McGurn, Chief Executive, Get Cycling CiC, York.