I WOULD like to thank former councillor Christian Vassie (Letters, December 5) for yet again having to talk about the rise in UKIP’s popularity.

As a seasoned ex-politician, he wrongly lists the numbers cast in the recent four by-elections, when he should have listed the percentage of the votes cast which were:

Rotherham: UKIP 21.9 per cent and Lib Dem 2.11 per cent;
Croydon: UKIP 5.7 per cent and Lib Dem 3.3 per cent;
Corby: UKIP 14.3 per cent and Lib Dem 5 per cent;
Middlesborough: UKIP 11.8 per cent and Lib-Dem 9.91 per cent.

I would point out that all the above showed a massive downturn in Lib-Dem votes, which in turn shows UKIP is appealing to everyone, across the board, not just disillusioned Tories, and that our policies are so much more than wanting to step back in time.

It shows that UKIP sees the problems this country is facing and is prepared to talk about them, with everyone everywhere and is, more and more, becoming a haven for the disaffected from all parties.

However, I do thank Mr Vassie for as, as a great man once said: “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.”

Judith Morris, Chair, York UKIP.