Truth has many faces

9:35am Wednesday 5th December 2012

By Reader's letter

SOME people are always telling us what we are thinking, what is well known and what the majority want. If something is said often enough it could become believable but not necessarily the truth.

For example, we are told a majority of York people support a 20mph speed limit but who did they ask? Again, Godfrey Bloom MEP says the overwhelming feeling in the country is for a blanket ban on prisoners voting. I doubt if the majority actually care.

Certain Tory MPs along with UKIP say the majority wish to leave the EU. They say the same majority wants a referendum, but not everyone supports either UKIP or the Conservatives. The only people who want a referendum are those who think they will win.

The recent by-election in Rotherham will have given UKIP members a boost but most of their increased votes probably came from disenchanted Tory voters.

We have just had a judge-led inquiry at great expense to find out that certain news media have used illegal methods in order to sell newspapers instead of telling us the truth. So can we really believe when these same newspapers tell us what the majority think?

Before anyone has a vote we must be given unbiased facts about the consequences of any decision.

Dennis Barton, Woodthorpe, York.


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