WITH regards to two articles in last week’s editions of The Press – “York nursery inadequate” (November 30) and ‘Inspectors praise nurseries’ (December 1), as an owner of a private day nursery in York, I, like many parents and families, was saddened by the headlines regarding the Ofsted report on a local nursery rated inadequate.

It is always a concern when parents hear reports of poor or inappropriate care in any nursery and this is particularly in York, where we have an excellent reputation for providing some of the very best early years education and care.

It is a shame that the ‘good news’ story in Saturday’s paper which had Ofsted inspectors praising the care in York nurseries was not given the same prominence as the ‘nursery inadequate’ story the day before.

We should be celebrating the praise Ofsted gives to us and not giving parents the impression that all nurseries are failing to make the grade.

Ken McArthur, Nursery owner, Haxby, York.