CAN any of our so-called traffic experts on the council explain the reasoning behind the widening of the footpaths in Station Rise?

Do they not realise that when buses stop on Station Rise this will reduce the flow of traffic to one lane and cause more congestion and pollution, especially on race days when buses for the racecourse are parked everywhere.

Over the past few years, every traffic scheme introduced seems to cause more congestion: Tea Room Square, bus lanes in Fulford, numerous new traffic lights at the junction of Holgate Road and Blossom Street and the proposed bus lane on Boroughbridge Road, to name a few.

Of course this could be part of their master plan to cause as much congestion as possible so that motorists are ‘driven’ out of town to do their shopping at Clifton Moor, Monks Cross or the Designer Outlet, to the detriment of city traders.

AP Cox, Heath Close, Holgate, York.