I ATTENDED the recent meeting at Woodthorpe School regarding “20s Plenty”.

Coun Anna Semlyen was very proud of her formula that included speed as a factor when looking at the effect of impact when a vehicle collides with something.

Another factor is mass, so does that mean the speed limit for buses and lorries should be lower than that for cars?

She says that she does not have a car and, as she lives in the city centre. Perhaps she should listen before she inflicts her opinions on people who live further away. She said they wanted to encourage more people to walk and cycle, yet they have stopped filling the salt bins. Perhaps she doesn’t know what the Acomb pavements are like in winter.

The argument “for” boiled down to the fact that it was a policy in the Labour manifesto so since Labour were voted in, we must want the speed limits. In fact it was more a case of being fed up with the Liberal Democrats.

The council has still to provide statistics that speed is a factor in accidents in the area. In most cases accidents were at junctions where speed was unlikely to be a factor. There are probably more broken bones from falls on the icy pavements.

I would much sooner see the £600,000 spent on facilities for the elderly and disabled.

Miss C Page, Gale Lane, Acomb, York.