WHEN reading in The Press and watching the television, our hearts must go out to all those affected by the dreadful flooding and the problems they will have with insurance. I do not understand how builders can obtain permission to build on flood plains and that anyone would contemplate buying such properties.

It is puzzling that, at the time of writing, the area round Germany Beck at Fulford is under several feet of water, yet plans are afoot to build 400 properties and even more puzzling that people will contemplate purchasing these houses.

David H Meek, Yarburgh Way, York.


• I KNOW this will fall on deaf ears, but I feel I must comment on the flooding in the York area.

Has the council or the Environment Agency thought of dredging becks and surrounding streams as well as the rivers themselves, instead of spending thousands of pounds on flood defences?

Also, the so-called river cleaning unit moored on the River Foss has been used once since they purchased the boat.

I have lived in York all my life and very rarely see gully drains and street kerb edges regularly being cleaned in the suburbs, yet the tourist areas have money thrown at them.

How about spending money on the people who live, work and pay for the visitors to our great city?

Name and address supplied.


• YOUR report on November 27 in relation to the proposed upgrade of the drainage infrastructure in York included a reference to the Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP).

In view of the current situation, would it not be better retitled Surface Water Action Management Plan or SWAMP?

R Hutchinson, Manor Park Close, York.