SOME 18 months ago in a meeting at Burn it was considered, as Burn already has a travellers’ site, the balance had been reached.

Coun Crane came to Burn last September for a further consultation with residents, a traveller and parish council present. He appeared so negative to all concerns and proposals it was clear minds had already been made up.

There has not been any sensible or sympathetic consultation with residents or travellers.

Our parish council chairman attended two further meetings and was allowed three minutes per meeting to put forward his and our feelings.

The extensions to the existing site would be out of proportion. If extensions were to be reviewed every five years, our little village would be totally dominated. We are already starved of local amenities.

The EU and its freedom of movement policy is surely part of the cause of the problem. So why don’t they put their hands in their pockets?

In fairness to Burn residents and travellers, the council should abandon its proposal and follow the correct procedures originally set to identify suitable sites.

CI and P McDonagh, West Lane, Burn, Selby.


• I WOULD like to express my concern and disappointment in the way that Selby District Council and Councillor, J Jackman have completely disregarded the residents of Burn and its own processes with the issue of the new proposed traveller’s site on Burn Airfield.

Not only have they gone against their own processes in selecting a suitable site, there has been no consultation with the village residents to seek their opinion on the matter.

We are a small village with no amenities to cater for such an increase in population, and as we already house a traveller’s site the duty should be spread across the district.

Craig Heaps and Fiona Walker, Main Road, Burn.