AS NARROWBOAT owners, we would really welcome any riverside development that was attractive, safe and good for boats.

We have recently travelled quite a distance on our narrowboat and we have seen some cities, towns and villages that have made the waterways an important part of their community.

This serves many purposes as most people like to walk on towpaths and see boats, the boaters themselves use the town’s facilities and spend money, thus bringing income into the place and also it attracts tourists. York is a unique city but not much has been made of the river-front, it all centres on York Minister and the areas close to it.

So much more could be done to make the rivers attractive and useful, especially around the River Foss, Castle Mills Lock, the River Ouse.

I can’t understand that when a city has two rivers that more is not done to enhance and benefit the city.

You only have to walk behind the Park Inn to see how neglected it looks.

When you see cities such as Birmingham, and how attractive they have made their waterfront, you realise how sad it is that more is not done for York.

Mrs Lynette Mills, Fishergate, York.


• THE potential development of the waterfront should not forget the needs of boaters, who need more mooring points and updated facilities in York and other areas nearby.

One must applaud, however, York Boat for their input and support, but we do have other users of the river. I hope they are not going to be forgotten in this development.

Keith Chapman, Custance Walk, Nunnery Lane, York.


• IN RESPONSE to your article about the redevelopment of the riverside alongside York’s Guildhall (The Press, November 20), who is the council trying to kid?

Do the public really think this project will go ahead?

We have been waiting for a new community football stadium for as many years as I can remember, so the chances of this project going ahead in the next ten years must just be a dream.

Unless, that is, the council decided to do away with all the bureaucracy that has held up the development of a new stadium.

If it is something they want, then maybe it just might happen.

Paul Johnson, Boroughbridge Road, York.