READING the letters in The Press of November 20, I was bemused by some of what had been written.

To plead ignorance and apathy makes me wonder. The North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) was illustrated as the all-powerful person, yet the advisory panel can vote on her every move. These are some of the same police authority which has let down the front-line police and public.

None of the candidates for PCC posts have said they would maintain police numbers, in particular front-line police.

But consider this: there are 280 members of the Association of Chief Police Officers PLC at a cost of £75 to £100m per year. These officers are over and above the 41 chief constables of the different police forces.

But when one considers the new PCC of North Yorkshire will inherit £60 million plus in reserves, will she be able to cope? As for being non-political, all the signs are partial privatisation and a second-class police force – or should that be farce?

P Richardson, Haxby, York.