I AM tired of hearing people say they are fed up with reading about sex abuse that has come to light.

Some people question the point of raking this up now that certain offenders are dead.

They obviously have no idea of how it feels to have been abused as a child or an adult or the relief these people feel now they are able to speak about their horrific experience. They know nothing of how it feels to have tried to tell their parent or anyone else of what is happening and to be told they are lying; or to know what it feels like to have to kept “secrets” for years because they have been threatened by the abuser.

To know that even now they may be believed, they still keep quiet or have to face the humiliation of being able to speak to the police or family. Also that it could have been a family member and it could destroy relationships – so even though the person is dead, it is “better” to keep quiet.

So to those who don’t know what it is like, please think before you speak.

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