SO IT’S time for milking the allowances again.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, MPs got living allowances and second homes because they lived a fair distance from London.

Now, in the modern age, when you can get from anywhere to London in a few hours by train, why do they need these second homes?

They have laptops to do work, they have computers at home and, as we all know, the world’s best athletes used new accommodation with a direct line into the city, which is now lying idle.

If they have to moan about staying late to vote, then one night here should be okay.

The age of these allowances should be over; they are outdated and not needed.

This is down to being an old English tradition that has been milked for far too long. The general public has to make its way to work on trains, bikes, public transport, even walking and then the same to get home.

These people seem to think they are above the general way of life.

If want to have the trust of the public in general, they should stop taking us for granted and live as we do.

Mick Knapton, Lowther Street, York.