IN The Press on Tuesday, the negative response to new police commissioners was revealed in many letters, but now we have a new commissioner, we have to make it work or at least use it to make York and North Yorkshire a safer place if we can.

Our new commissioner will have her work cut out to do justice to the lonely post and, after she appoints a new chief constable, she will find the task of serving all the public of such a large area will task all her energies.

Julia Milligan has some experience of police working, which will help, but she will still need time to find her feet and she may meet some resistance in some areas.

May I offer Julia my best wishes and hope for a successful time in office.

As a pioneer she will be expected to show the way and make a difference to all our lives at the same time as proving the Government’s policy to be a wise one even though it has had an unfortunate start.

Dennis Barton, Woodthorpe, York.