REGARDING crop pesticides which kill bees, a recent report by Dutch toxicologist Professor Henk Tennekes found a strong likelihood that neonicotinoid exposure could damage the human brain, which may be shown by the recent sharp rise in autism, as well as increase the risk of neurological disease such as Parkinsons and dementia.

I quote from a UNEP report, “In Bayer’s home country, Germany, the German government has banned Bayer’s neonicotinoids since 2009”.

France and Italy have also banned their use and bee populations have increased significantly as a result.

Why then have we in the UK not banned these chemicals if Germany has?

When are our politicians and decision-makers going to see that we are putting the whole eco-system and human health at risk? The action of these chemicals are thousands of times more toxic than DDT, and the effects are cumulative as they lock into the brain.

Research shows the developing baby in the mothers womb is far more at risk from chemicals than the adult brain, which is why we have got to ban these chemicals now.

To continue to allow their use is a crime being perpetrated against children.

Chris Clayton, Hempland Drive, York.