DESPITE my eulogising earlier this year about York Hospital and my treatment there, I feel there is no such thing as “too much praise”.

I read with ever-growing incredulity the reports of hospitals from hell and realise how fortunate we are to have the marvellous hospital we do.

Last year I had the misfortune to suffer a stroke. Fortunately, apart from loss of balance (which superb physiotherapy at the hospital went a long way to restoring) I am virtually back to normal and can get out and about on my push-bike once more.

Most people look on the day of discharge with great excitement, but I knew I would be leaving the wonderful food and have to go back to those dreadful meals at my own home.

Why dreadful? Simple, because I would be preparing them myself.

There were several follow-up visits until I was signed off (academic as I’m retired), and that was the end of my experience of a very caring hospital and marvellous staff.

So, be very thankful that we have such a wonderful hospital. Should you have to be admitted, you will be in safe hands.

Philip Roe, Roman Avenue South, Stamford Bridge.