IN HIS observations (Letters, November 15), Frank Veasey quite rightly pointed out the total lack of respect again shown by our dear leader, Coun James Alexander, for failing to wear his blue robes of office on Remembrance Sunday at the Museum Gardens parade.

I castigated him in this column last year for this disgraceful act of defiance, but he rejects any form of criticism outright. He just won’t listen.

Furthermore, his deputy leader, Coun Tracey Simpson-Laing also failed to don robes.

What is it with these Socialist councillors? Why do they always have to be different by shunning tradition?

Geoffrey Widdows, East Mount Road, York.


• ANOTHER Remembrance Sunday has gone. As I stood in silence, I wondered how many future generations will be standing in memory of loved ones and all those others who have died in conflict and war.

I do not know if men in their arrogance, fanaticism and greed for power will ever learn there is more to life than that.

When you look at all the troubled areas in this world, they haven’t learned yet. I sometimes think God must wish he had rested on the sixth day not the seventh and left this planet to the animals.

Mrs M Robinson, Broadway, York.