LABOUR plans a £1.2 million facelift for Newgate Market at a time of considerable austerity. Is it necessary? Is it affordable? And is it what stallholders really want?

I doubt it if they knew how much extra they will end up having to pay in vastly increased rents. And pay up they will certainly have to do – big time!

We all want them as business people to enjoy the fruits of success, but not to be driven out of business.

Labour, of course, is going out to consultation. They always do, but for sure they won’t listen – they never do, as past events have proved.

So market traders beware. Beware the need to borrow £1.2 million. Beware the need for it to have to be repaid with interest. And beware the inevitable need to load you with a whopping great rent increase to pay for it all.

Ask the Labour-run City of York Council now what your rent rise is likely to be after the £1.2 million has been spent. I’ll bet you don’t get a straight answer.

Coun George Barton, Conservative, Wheldrake ward.