WE know that getting tangled in red tape frustrates small businesses in Yorkshire. But getting health and safety right doesn’t have to be a burden – nor does it mean major expense or mounds of paperwork!

The new Health And Safety Toolbox is the latest in a package of online guidance, bringing together in one place everything a small, low-risk business could need to manage health and safety.

It has been written with busy firms in mind and makes it easy to find relevant guidance on specific risks with a few clicks of the mouse.

It builds on Health And Safety Made Simple which provides sufficient basic information for large numbers of low-risk businesses.

Together, these online tools will show how to manage the real risks in a workplace without expensive consultancy or creating unnecessary paperwork.

To get started, follow the prompts on the right of the new-look homepage of the HSE website at hse.gov.uk

David Snowball, HSE Director for Northern England