IT SAYS much about Coun Sonja Crisp and the Labour Cabinet that she left it to an officer to take the flak over Illuminating York (The Press, November 10).

On October 31, she was boasting the event would be “truly spectacular” with the Museum Gardens “transformed into a magical and surreal experience”.

However, after visitors described the show as “puerile and boring”, Sonja Crisp was nowhere to be seen in the council’s belated response.

A similar volte-face occurred with the “utter fiasco” of the Gunpowder Plod fireworks event on the Knavesmire. On November 3, James Alexander tweeted: “Labour promised to bring fireworks back to York. This year Sonja Crisp secured gunpowderplod.”

As criticism grew, Sonja Crisp first tried denial, claiming she “hadn’t heard the booing”, then by November 6 with The Press reporting “thousands of unhappy people”, she was tweeting “it was not a council organised event”.

Unfortunately, it is typical of this Labour Cabinet that they’re quick to claim credit for good news, but send out an officer or deny responsibility for bad news.

Coun Nigel Ayre, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for leisure and culture.


• IT WAS interesting to note Coun Sonja Crisp’s comments following Coun George Barton’s description of the two recent events held in the city, namely Illuminating York and the Gunpowder Plod (The Press, November 12).

She accuses Coun Barton of being out of touch with the thousands of people who want such events.

I think it is Coun Crisp who is out of touch with the public mood and certainly out of touch with many disappointed people who were disgusted at the very poor quality and organisation of such events. One wonders where the “thousands” of people expressed their support.

Only a matter weeks ago, Coun Crisp and her leader proudly trumpeted the fact that they had been successful in bringing two first-class events to York.

They seemed to bask in this coup, but now wish to disassociate themselves from the events and attack those who criticise.

There is no doubt that Coun George Barton was absolutely correct in his comments.

Coun John C Galvin, Conservative, Bishopthorpe ward.