BRITAIN is said to have been in recession for years. But is that true?

Apparently, the average person is struggling to pay bills, rent and even feed themselves, according to reports.

However, it has recently been revealed in the national news that the number of tattoo parlours in Britain has doubled in just three years.

In Hull, a city generally viewed as being poor and impoverished, this increase has been from four to 34 tattoo parlours.

Tattoos are incredibly expensive, but the 100 per cent increase in tattoo parlours is down to increased demand.

Food and shelter are basic human needs but not tattoos. They are not at all necessary.

If the recession is that bad, then would one not expect tattoo parlours to vanish completely rather than double in number?

And could it mean that many people are actually having expensive tattoos and then claiming that they are unable to afford food and pay bills? Or is the recession a fabrication?

Dale Edwards, Newborough Street, Bootham, York.