THERE is a distinct, two-tiered system of law in this country.

Our Government is tolerated by the EU when it opposes the EU wanting to seize control of our banks. But when it comes to the Government wanting to deport the likes of Abu Qatada, the judicial side of the EU says “No”.

This split between Britain and the EU makes a total farce of Britain’s judicial system.

Abu Qatada is, once again, freed and able to continue with his venom-filled rants against the country he hates, but is more than happy to stay in to avoid having to face trial in Jordan.

Following the EU decision to allow Qatada to be freed on bail, several years will pass before he comes up for deportation again.

Doubtless there are many other people like Abu Qatada awaiting deportation to other countries for trial but, for various reasons, the EU judges block these deportations.

So why not build a special open prison in Belgium to accommodate these people?

After all, the decision to block extradition is made in Belgium, so why not keep them in Belgium?

Philip Roe, Roman Avenue South, Stamford Bridge, York.