IT IS good to read that Georgina Steel is making a recovery from her cycle accident (The Press, November 12).

It seems the bus lane was felt to be a factor and research has found buses cause safety problems for cyclists.

A legal requirement of having a minimum passing clearance of one metre could be helpful to encourage drivers to take extra care.

Cycle helmets have been a problem for many years.

A judge said: “It is clear that there is a significant argument taking place in certain scientific circles regarding the efficacy of helmets, in terms of their ability to protect. On one view, they appear to pose as much danger when worn as the danger of not wearing them.”

This year, the New Zealand Medical Journal published my report, Evaluation of New Zealand’s Bicycle Law.

The abstract said: “This evaluation finds the helmet law has failed in aspects of promoting cycling, safety, health, accident compensation, environmental issues and civil liberties.”

It may be helpful if a conference in York would discuss cycle helmets.

If a college/university/hospital etc could provide a venue, then a full discussion of the issues could be presented.

My email address is in case a venue can be provided and I would help to circulate details to attract speakers.

Colin Clarke, The Crescent, Stamford Bridge, York.