I WATCHED the two women candidates (good thing) for the police and crime commissioner’s job for North Yorkshire on the Sunday Politics show on the BBC.

Listening carefully to the contribution of each candidate, I was left asking myself the question: “Does Ruth Potter really know what this election is about?”

Here entire contribution was to blame the police and Home Office budget cuts on the Coalition, forgetting to mention the huge mess the last Government left, making the cuts necessary.

She said nothing about how she intended to represent the people of North Yorkshire and what she would do to put their views and preferences to the police and crime agencies if she was elected.

Her breathless, rapid-fire Labour party political slogans left me wondering whether she imagines she is in a party-political contest.

This begs the question as to whether someone so fixated on running her campaign along party tramlines could be relied on to be the impartial conduit between the public, the police and crime agencies this important new position demands?

The new PCC must be able to command the trust of all citizens of North Yorkshire, no matter what their personal political preferences may be.

Barbara Marshall, Brinkworth Terrace, York.