YOUR correspondent of November 1 who asserts that he/she rides on the road or cycle lane as directed, is in my experience, in a minority so far as cyclists in York are concerned. But I thank them for that.

Sadly, my experience with cyclists in York is very different. Specifically the portion of the A59 Poppleton Road between Howe Hill Road and Acomb Road, where there is a very generous cycle path on the north east side. So where do the majority of cyclists ride? Anywhere but on the cycle path.

They ride in the carriageway, in both directions, they ride on the footpath on the south west side of the road, they even ride on the separate footway that runs parallel to the cycleway on the north-east side, but is nicely separated by a pleasant tree-lined strip. And then have the audacity to ring their bells at pedestrians. Even if they are on the cycleway they ignore give-way markings. I have had to jump clear of a juggernaut cyclist on more than one occasion.

Respect is mutual. As a pedestrian and bus-user I frequently see bad behaviour by motorists and cyclists alike. Let us not forget that we are all pedestrians at some time or another.

Name and address supplied.