Having just returned from a three-week holiday I have finally caught up with copies of The Press delivered in my absence.

Reading through them two little gems compel me to put fingers to keyboard. Both appeared in The Press of October 30.

The first was the article about the football fan with “very weak legs” complaining about the lack of disabled facilities in The David Longhurst Stand at Bootham Crescent (Football fan’s fury at City disabled facilities).

Was he not aware that The Longhurst Stand is standing room only so his legs cannot be that weak if he can stand for nearly two hours and watch a game and also take 15 minutes to walk to the toilet and back?

The second gem was on the Letters page where Jack Lewis commented about the poor attendance of MPs on October 26 for a private members bill to withdraw from the European Union (EU).

Is he not aware that MPs only work a four-day week, Mondays are spent travelling to work and Fridays are spent travelling home so at the most they work three full days and two half days, unless a Bill is of great importance and their presence is enforced by the Chief Whip.

Membership of the EU must not be considered so important. October 26 was a Friday, so I rest my case.

A P Cox, Heath Close, Holgate, York.