I still can’t see the point of yet another highly paid manufactured job which at first glance seems to be an interference in the running of the police, an extremely responsible and important part of our communities.

I read the article in Wednesday’s Press, ‘‘Force for change’’, there were comments from each of the councillors vying for the position of Police and Crime Commissioner which give off the wrong vibes.

They are both going after this prestigious £70,000 plus per year job and they want us to vote for one of them, but have they actually personally approached us either by meetings in community centres or by door knocking or issuing us with leaflets?

Until a person has had personal meetings, spoken to someone or seen them face-to-face, how are we supposed to judge them and decide if they are worthy of our vote?

We don’t know these councillors, so why should we brave the cold night (or day) air to give them a huge salaried job, the details of which are still obscure.

Janet S Kitchen-Cooper, Ashley Park Road, York.