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Falling foul of council ‘propaganda’

York Press: Should Watford be a 20mph zone?

10:02am Thursday 21st August 2014

ONCE again we see (Letter, Mr Hayden, August 19) how the public falls foul of the council’s propaganda.

Show some spine

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:01am Thursday 21st August 2014

WHERE have all the wise men gone? Have we no leaders with a mind of their own, a bit of spine, or at least some compassion?

Geese to blame

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:00am Thursday 21st August 2014

APART from the well-run café and the excellent children’s play area, Rowntree Park appears to have now been abandoned and surrendered to the hordes of Canadian geese, denying pleasure to the public of this once-beautiful place.

Woolly wonders

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:59am Thursday 21st August 2014

THANK heaven for the Church of England. I’ve often thought it was a little bit woolly and ponderous, but now I am admiring these qualities as endearing and precious in a world of religious hatred.

Historical shifts

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:57am Thursday 21st August 2014

WITH regards to Israel and Palestine, I wish to add a few observations.

Selfless strangers

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:56am Thursday 21st August 2014

I HAVE recently been in ward 32 of York Hospital, where I experienced such good care and attention. What angels they are.

Policing football

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:54am Thursday 21st August 2014

LIKE Keith Massey (Letters, August 9), I too am disgusted at the amount paid to top footballers these days.

The minimum wage

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:53am Thursday 21st August 2014

IN RELATION to the impact of minimum wages on employment levels, Richard Bridge (Letters, August 18) hasn’t taken notice of the resurrected quotation by his fellow Labour activist that there are lies, damn lies and statistics.

Colonial past

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:53am Thursday 21st August 2014

MAURICE VASSIE (Letters, August 19) condemns nationalism evoking an independent Scotland and elsewhere criticising political boundaries.

United we stand

York Press: The Way We Were - zxc

9:50am Thursday 21st August 2014

WITH all the present conflicts taking place around the world, most of which can be attributed to religious fervour, power and ambition, powered by greed to encroach on disputed territory over many centuries, the format by the United Nations assembly should digest a quotation by Gibbons: “History is little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortune of mankind.”

Bring them back

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:49am Thursday 21st August 2014

RECENT letters about the apparent axing of both Barry Parker and Sharon Shortle by Radio York’s “powers that be” bring to mind how, a couple of seasons back, Barry P was moved from covering City’s games and was reporting on Harrogate Town instead, again seemingly without consultation with the fans.

Plea to help those with mental illness

York Press:

9:49am Thursday 21st August 2014

WITH the recent, sad and premature death of Robin Williams (a great comic), I am reminded of the number of comics who die prematurely either by their own doing or through other means.

This doesn’t look like consultation

York Press:

10:29am Wednesday 20th August 2014

CAN somebody tell me why there have been so many late additions to the Local Plan after we made clear in the council survey our opposition to the original scheme?

Vicious gene

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:27am Wednesday 20th August 2014

I FIND J Holdworth’s letter of August 13 (“Women bring peace”) to be an insult to men.

Radio shake-up

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:26am Wednesday 20th August 2014

LIKE many other listeners to BBC Radio York sport reports, I was devastated to find out that our two favourites, Barry Parker and Sharon Shortle, seem to have been unceremoniously removed from their posts.

Iraq chaos

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:25am Wednesday 20th August 2014

NORMALLY I would be 100 per cent against Britain “interfering” in any quarrels in the Middle East. However, the ever-deepening chaos in Iraq is a totally different story.

Not consulting

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:24am Wednesday 20th August 2014

IT SEEMS that the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust doesn’t understand the meaning of consultation, at least with respect to the transfer of its Heat to the Home Agreement with residents of phase one of Derwenthorpe.

Bonkers bins

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:23am Wednesday 20th August 2014

YOU won’t believe this. I put my green garden bin out for collection, as usual, on Thursday morning. The bin lorry came round after midday but missed my bin.

Good luck to former colleague Kevin

York Press: Kevin Hollinrake, the prosepective MP for Thirsk, Malton and Filey. Pic: Mike Tipping (9247034)

10:22am Wednesday 20th August 2014

HOW nice it was to see your feature on Kevin Hollinrake (The Press, August 14).

Living in a bubble

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:21am Wednesday 20th August 2014

THE booming prices of houses in London means that MPs who have a taxpayer-funded second home there are making a small fortune when they come to sell them.

Killing the innocent

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:20am Wednesday 20th August 2014

A YOUNG British Muslim, face covered and voice disguised, appeared on on the TV news. He said he was going to Iraq to join the radical army to kill or be killed and became a martyr.

Need for homes

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:20am Wednesday 20th August 2014

POLITICS is often a blood sport. In his letter of July 17, Conservative councillor Joe Watt accused me of having personal “contempt for York homeowners”.

Cuts are the cause

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:19am Wednesday 20th August 2014

FOR once I completely agree with ex-councillor Sue Galloway (Letters, August 5 – “Learn from Whitby”) when she points out issues in York with weed growth and lack of clean streets.

In fear of Ebola

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:18am Wednesday 20th August 2014

IN Calais thousands of migrants from as far away as Afghanistan, Syria and a large number from the whole of Africa are waiting to cross into this country. in the back of lorries.

Not a beautiful game

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:18am Wednesday 20th August 2014

I AGREE with recent letters about Man United.

Views differ on IVF policy in York

York Press:

9:34am Tuesday 19th August 2014

I WISH to clarify comments made by readers in recent letters to The Press (“NHS should be fair and open to all”, August 15 , and “Couples need aid”, August 13).

Hobson’s choice

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:32am Tuesday 19th August 2014

In response to Donald Monro’s letter of August 16, although in principle the NICE recommendations are guidelines, NHS England and clinical commissioning groups must “provide clear reasons for any general policy that does not follow NICE guidance”.

IVF dilemma

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:32am Tuesday 19th August 2014

WHILE I agree that people with problems concerning drugs and alcohol need help (Letters, August 15), I do not agree that IVF treatment should be made available on the NHS.

Radio favourites

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:29am Tuesday 19th August 2014

LIKE Chris Wilks (Letters, August 15) I too was initially surprised and then baffled at not hearing Barry and Sharon presenting the York City match on BBC Radio York.

Mystery man

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:29am Tuesday 19th August 2014

IN A letter titled “A proper Yorker” (The Press, August 9), Gordon Cheapcastle gushes praise on the Labour administration and its Local Plan.

Ludicrous idea

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:28am Tuesday 19th August 2014

HOW I agree with Cllr Brian W J E Watson (Letters, August 15). I cannot believe that York Council are reducing the amount of public conveniences in both Exhibition Square and have already done so in Union Terrace. Particularly in Union Terrace, where coaches and cars park to visit our city.

Revival of market

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:26am Tuesday 19th August 2014

WHAT a wonderful buzz in Parliament Street at the moment. Anyone in town can hardly avoid the market now, whereas tucked away in Newgate it is out of sight and out of mind.

Waste of energy

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:25am Tuesday 19th August 2014

PROOF of how out of touch the UK is with contemporary energy technology is found in the news that we are paying to export three million tonnes of rubbish this year, to be incinerated elsewhere. Our waste is heating half a million homes across Europe, at our expense.

Home truths

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:23am Tuesday 19th August 2014

 IN REPLY to Cllr James Alexander’s letter of August 15, firstly I did not argue that couples should marry before having children; I stated what did happen.

Time to rise above

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:23am Tuesday 19th August 2014

IT IS to be hoped that the Scottish people can rise above the passionate nationalism that Geoff Robb calls for (Letters, August 16).

Worried over lock

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:22am Tuesday 19th August 2014

IN APRIL the National River Basin management (NRBM) chained the lock gates at Elvington. There are 20 boats moored on the River Derwent at Elvington which meant that they were locked in.

Not my job...

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:21am Tuesday 19th August 2014

IN REPLY to D M Deamer’s letter of August 16, I must be under the wrong impression. I thought my council tax went towards keeping our streets clean, our roads repaired and our footpaths repaired and passable.

Where does it end?

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:20am Tuesday 19th August 2014

So DM Deamer thinks AP Cox should be more public-spirited (Letters, August 16). Furthermore, he states that Mr Cox should tidy up Holgate’s footpaths and gutters himself. Well, he already has if he has paid his council tax.

Support our small retailers

York Press:

9:18am Tuesday 19th August 2014

IN RESPONSE to Keith Chapman’s letter of August 5 regarding Front Street in Acomb, I can assure him that Acomb Alive! is actively bringing together retailers and residents in the area.

Failure to address issues at hand

York Press: Julia Unwin, chief executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

9:20am Monday 18th August 2014

MATTHEW Laverack’s response to our debate on the Living Wage once again fails to address the issues at hand, and in particular: Despite protracted requests, he has not provided any supporting evidence or research that the introduction of a minimum wage (and thereby a living wage) is linked to increases in youth or other unemployment– and similarly fails to acknowledge the established benefits to employers of a happier and more settled workforce.

Speed limit

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:18am Monday 18th August 2014

I READ with disbelief the article of August 13 stating that since its introduction the police have not stopped a single motorist for exceeding the 20mph speed limits around York’s streets.

Housing evidence

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:18am Monday 18th August 2014

I HAVE challenged Cllr James Alexander numerous times on social media to provide evidence for his claims that the planning inspector ever stated that 800 new homes a year was too low.

Rail correction

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:17am Monday 18th August 2014

I WAS naturally pleased to see the photographs I took of the last official freight train on the Ryedale lines on August 7, 1964 included in the August 12 edition of The Press.

Police retirement

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:10am Monday 18th August 2014

HEARING reports about North Yorkshire Police being under the spotlight on fitness levels within the service, it made me think that we need to ensure our police officers have early retirement as a requirement within the service.

Bus firm on move

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:09am Monday 18th August 2014

THE comments made by Keith Chapman (Letters, August 14) are supported by me. When commenting to First Group on their services, I originally had replies from James Street, York.

Earning your vote

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:08am Monday 18th August 2014

WHY IS it that York councillors feel it necessary to write so many letters to The Press on the issue of internal council procedure?

Where will all the extra traffic go?

York Press:

10:09am Saturday 16th August 2014

THE letter headlined “A proper Yorker” (Letters, August 9) appears to be a comment from someone unaffected by the Local Plan.

Rest in peace

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:07am Saturday 16th August 2014

A NUMBER of our family members and grandchildren of one of the ten Calpin brothers, who served in the great war of 1914-18 were invited to attend the commemoration service in the York cemetery chapel on Monday, August 4.

Cut and dried

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:06am Saturday 16th August 2014

IN RESPONSE to the letter of August 11 by AP Cox regarding the overgrown gutters and the encroachment of brambles and hedges on to the footpaths of Holgate.

All things NICE?

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:05am Saturday 16th August 2014

CAN it be explained to me why successive governments accept NICE, National Institute for Clinical Excellence, advices on how our NHS should spend our money on drugs and operations, being told on most occasions that we can’t afford them?

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