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Will boat club withdraw this plan?

York Press:

10:28am Tuesday 21st October 2014

AS REPORTED in your excellent feature of October 17, residents from both sides of the Millennium Bridge are shocked and angry that the council was even considering agreeing to the fencing off and leasing of public open space for the exclusive use of 14 boat owners.

Green concerns

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:25am Tuesday 21st October 2014

 FOLLOWING the number of letters in The Press deriding the council’s proposal to lease off an area of land to York Motor Yacht Club for additional moorings, it is hoped that they, and other such minded persons, have sent in written objections to the council representative concerned.

Chance to object

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:25am Tuesday 21st October 2014

I AM pleased that City of York Council appears to be ruling out plans for a fenced-off luxury boat park alongside the River Ouse south of the Millennium Bridge (The Press, October 17).

Obstacle course

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:24am Tuesday 21st October 2014

I CAN fully understand the frustration of Mr and Mrs Jakeman and their problems with getting a wheelchair on the bus (The Press, October 14).

UKIP respect

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:23am Tuesday 21st October 2014

 FOLLOWING the Prime Minister’s undiplomatic description of UKIP as loonies and fruitcakes, there have been other critical articles.

No whistlers

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:22am Tuesday 21st October 2014

WHERE have all the whistlers gone? The sure fire fact that the everyday feel good factor has disappeared from every day modern life, is by the absence of the happy whistlers.

Art is last surprise

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:16am Tuesday 21st October 2014

WE want to say how much we have enjoyed our stay in York. The history, art and craftsmanship by the people is an inspiration and will call us back.

Waiting for refund

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:13am Tuesday 21st October 2014

JUST over five weeks ago, ten minutes after the opening time for Lendal Bridge refund applications, I submitted mine online and received an acknowledgement almost immediately.

Service now rubbish

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:12am Tuesday 21st October 2014

RESIDENTS in our area in Lawrence Street often have letters put through their doors about putting out their refuse and recycling before 7pm the night before collections. Our latest letter tells us that we would be fined if we don’t adhere to this.

A place for cycling

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:11am Tuesday 21st October 2014

A. HARRISON is entirely correct (Letters, October 16) that the pathway alongside the River Foss, between Piccadilly and the Clifford Tower car park, is legally a footpath only. The discourteous cyclists were in the wrong, when asserting their “right” to ride along it.

Get off the pavement

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:10am Tuesday 21st October 2014

OVER the years on my daily travels on my bike, I am frequently annoyed at other cyclists riding on the pavement. Often when I am correctly walking my bike on the pavement, I’m nearly run over by these selfish, law-flouting individuals.

My new life is just as rewarding

York Press: (11562780)

10:04am Tuesday 21st October 2014

A SURE way of realising that one is getting old is to see an article about oneself in Carol Stephenson's The Way We Were column.

Bikes plan is for all

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:09am Tuesday 21st October 2014

RECENT (and very welcome) coverage in The Press may have given the impression that Get Cycling is all about disability cycling.

Reflections on by-election victory

York Press:

9:32am Monday 20th October 2014

AFTER the Lib Dem’s by-election win in Westfield Ward, I wonder if Conservative leader Chris Steward would like to reflect on his ill-advised comment that the Lib Dems were “a spent force in York”, given that the Lib Dems received 15 times more votes than his party.

Apples delivery

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:30am Monday 20th October 2014

WHEN the doorbell rang last Saturday morning, I answered reluctantly.

Pest control

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:29am Monday 20th October 2014

WITH reference to pest control service possibly being axed in council cuts, this seems illogical in the present climate with the war on infectious diseases being a constant threat (The Press, October 8).

Judgement time

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:28am Monday 20th October 2014

IT WAS interesting to read in The Press of October 10 that two more York Labour councillors have left the party, plunging the Labour group into a minority position.

Dad’s Army remake will be sacrilege

York Press: East Sussex fire strike contingency plans "like Dad's Army"

9:27am Monday 20th October 2014

SO we are to have a modern version of Dad’s Army filmed here in Yorkshire, starring Bill Nighy and Catherine Zeta Jones, as reported in The Press.

David's a sad loss

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:26am Monday 20th October 2014

I WAS saddened to read in The Press of October 10 that David Smith felt he had to resign from his post as director of development at the Retreat after it was revealed that he had criticised a York councillor through a pseudonym.

Taxi disappointment

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:09am Monday 20th October 2014

I AM greatly disappointed that disabled scooters cannot be carried in York taxis.

Election wish list

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:07am Monday 20th October 2014

COME next May’s election it will be time to take your pick again. I would like to see some promises.

Dangers of TTIP

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:06am Monday 20th October 2014

THANK you, Fiona Samuel, for drawing attention to the threat posed by the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) at present under discussion (in secret) in the European Parliament (Letters, October 13).

Gypsy site debate

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:05am Monday 20th October 2014

THE proposal submitted by myself and architect Matthew Laverack for three gypsy caravan pitches at York Council’s West Office has been branded “ridiculous” by Traveller’s Trust Officer Christine Shepherd.

Time to negotiate

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:02am Monday 20th October 2014

HOW tragic that the British and American governments could not do anything to save their hostages in Syria.

NHS is a great return on our taxes

York Press:

9:19am Saturday 18th October 2014

IS THE NHS really such bad value?

Social disaster

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:14am Saturday 18th October 2014

I FEEL sorry for everyone, including James Alexander, who cannot get on the ladder with their own home.

On your bike!

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:13am Saturday 18th October 2014

WITH regards to the letter headlined “Riding a Bike” by Peter Roberts (Letters, October 14).

Council must act

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:13am Saturday 18th October 2014

I MUST respond to Philip Crowe (Letters, October 15).

Water feature

York Press: Letters - zxc

9:12am Saturday 18th October 2014

READING Sue Nelson’s column of October 13 reminded me of the little boy evicted from the local swimming pool for having a wee in the water.

Cycle lane needed on this busy route

York Press:

8:00am Saturday 18th October 2014

HOSPITAL Fields Road is part of a cycle route linking Fulford and the university with the rest of the city. Cyclists are most of the traffic, but are completely exposed to motor traffic, including heavy lorries.

‘Gaffe’ not meant?

York Press: Letters - zxc

8:00am Saturday 18th October 2014

LORD FREUD’S comments (“Welfare Reform Minister: some disabled people ‘not worth’ minimum wage”) have been described in some quarters as a “gaffe”.

Apology not enough

York Press: Letters - zxc

8:00am Saturday 18th October 2014

NOT sacking the disgraceful Lord Freud after the revelation of his crass comments over the wages paid to disabled workers shows that the Conservatives actually support his views, even though their desperate spokesmen deny that his words were cruelly aimed at the productivity of the infirm.

Please keep hold of your passport

York Press: File photo dated 08/10/10 of a passport as a union has warned of industrial action over a passport backlog it says has been caused by job cuts. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Monday June 9, 2014. The Public and Commercial Services union said job cut

10:50am Friday 17th October 2014

OVER the past week, my staff have found three valid passports during the early morning clean-up.

Agreement is key

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:47am Friday 17th October 2014

IT SEEMS likely that further decades will pass without our city having a local plan to inform long-term development. This demonstrates the repeated failure of party politics, and I mean all the parties.

Brave young teen

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:38am Friday 17th October 2014

HOW good to read about yet another teenager saving someone’s life.

Missing lantern

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:36am Friday 17th October 2014

FOR quite a while I noticed that one of the twin lanterns on Fossgate bridge was leaning slightly, then bent further and finally – you guessed it – gone.

Be river aware

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:24am Friday 17th October 2014

LET’S hope and pray there are no more tragedies in York’s rivers.

Help needed to fill in missing names

York Press:

10:23am Friday 17th October 2014

I WAS delighted to see in The Press on Thursday, October 9 a photograph of Burnholme School’s cup-winning football team from 1953-54.

Concern over role

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:21am Friday 17th October 2014

I WAS concerned to read your article about the council’s chief executive and her role as a charity trustee of Nesta.

Test is complex

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:21am Friday 17th October 2014

YOU recently reported that a York PCSO has to walk for six hours of his eight-hour shift, between his base and patrol area.

Plans to be redrawn

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:18am Friday 17th October 2014

I AM pleased that thanks to a Liberal Democrat motion, Labour-run City of York Council’s draft Local Plan will now be reconsidered (The Press, October 11).

Tories will kill NHS

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:17am Friday 17th October 2014

LAST week Terry Smith gave us a good round-up of the present government’s achievements (Letters, October 7).

Howzat for a record?

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:13am Friday 17th October 2014

REGARDING relationships with fellow players, Kevin Pieterson is trying to defend the indefensible.

Nigel Worthington was let down by the players

York Press: York City V Northampton Town. Nigel Worthington.
pic: Anthony Chappel-Ross (9410824)

10:53am Thursday 16th October 2014

I CANNOT believe Nigel Worthington has resigned.

We need homes

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:49am Thursday 16th October 2014

THE reason for the York Local Plan and its proposal to build around 17,000 new houses is that all councils have a statutory responsibility to consider the housing, as well as employment needs of their communities.

Bikes on paths

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:48am Thursday 16th October 2014

I WOULD like to know why some cyclists think they own every footpath.

Support for David Smith

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:48am Thursday 16th October 2014

I AGREE with the sentiments of Cllr Brian Watson (Letters, October 14) regarding double standards in social media and the actions which resulted in David Smith feeling he had no option but to resign from his post at the Retreat.

PR is the answer

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:47am Thursday 16th October 2014

THE whole political system as it is – and the parties getting most seats in Westminster – do not represent the vast number of people who have to live by what they decree.

Why I’m so disillusioned with Labour

York Press:

10:36am Thursday 16th October 2014

LET’S just get some points cleared up.

Say no to trams

York Press: Letters - zxc

10:34am Thursday 16th October 2014

ON AUGUST 27, The Press published an article promoting a Liberal Democrat idea to bring back trams to York.


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