Head lice warning

York Press: York Press logo - zxc

7:44am Saturday 20th September 2014

STAFF at Gale Farm Pharmacy in Acomb are reminding parents to remain vigilant about head lice after children began their new school term.

Tree-top adventures at Go Ape

York Press:

2:47pm Monday 15th September 2014

WITH its zip wires and tree-top walkways, Go Ape is one of the most popular adventure days out in the UK. Kate Liptrot goes on a forest adventure.

'Putting on clothes causes my son’s joints to dislocate'

York Press:

2:37pm Monday 15th September 2014

When Charlie Howram was diagnosed with a severe form of hypermobility, his family all realised they had it too, writes health reporter Kate Liptrot.

‘Headpiece device has cured my migraines’

York Press:

2:32pm Monday 15th September 2014

A NORTH Yorkshire woman said she has beaten crippling migraines which had taken over her life.

Food for thought: Recipe for Pissaladière

York Press:

2:30pm Monday 15th September 2014

Food blogger Mary Sweeting gives us her take on classic French snack, Pissaladière.

Body, Mind & Soul: University and the alcohol culture

York Press: Manoj Krishna, a consultant spinal surgeon, who believes early treatment offers the best results for back pain

2:24pm Monday 15th September 2014

MY SON is off to university this week and I was reflecting on the huge culture of drinking alcohol that seems to pervade university life. They say it is a social lubricant but I often wonder why we need to dull our senses and our brain in order to enjoy ourselves.

Eight million at risk from high blood pressure

York Press:

2:42pm Monday 15th September 2014

EIGHT million people in the UK are unaware they are at risk of a stroke or heart attack because of their blood pressure.

Smokers urged to sign up to Stoptober challenge

York Press:

10:56am Tuesday 9th September 2014

SMOKERS are urged to sign up to the 28-day Stoptober challenge next month - which experts have said helps people quit altogether.

Jo, 46, on the up after suffering a stroke

York Press:

3:23pm Monday 8th September 2014

Jo Milan was left only able to say three words after suffering a stroke at the age of 46. Having made massive progress in her recovery, she has just scaled Whitby's famous 199 steps. She speaks to health reporter Kate Liptrot.

Healthy eggs florentine recipe

York Press: Adele Carnell of Filmore & Union (5539333)

3:14pm Monday 8th September 2014

Adele Carnell, of Filmore & Union, tells us how to make healthy eggs florentine.

New school year usually means bugs and germs

York Press: Sally Duffin nutritionist (9028376)

3:04pm Monday 8th September 2014

SUMMER holidays are over and the new school term has begun. As well as all the excitement of seeing school friends again, the return to lessons can bring nerves, anxiety, upset tummies and various bugs and germs – for both teachers and pupils.

Compassion is the key to unlocking belief

York Press:

3:19pm Monday 1st September 2014

AN inspirational new film shows the work being done at The Retreat in York and tells of how it has changed the lives of mental health patients, writes health reporter Kate Liptrot.

Running with a real lifesaver

York Press:

3:17pm Monday 1st September 2014

FATHER-OF-TWO Johnny Pearson's life was saved when a stranger donated stem cells. The pair became friends and raised thousands for charity by running in the London Marathon together. By health reporter Kate Liptrot.

Food for thought: Banana Bread

York Press:

3:15pm Monday 1st September 2014

I FIRST tried this amazing Banana Bread recipe when it was made by family friend Momma B - the mum of my sister’s partner, Phil.

Body, Mind & Soul: Treating your body as a whole is vital for health

York Press: Patricia Issitt

3:11pm Monday 1st September 2014

I’M OFTEN asked for an exercise to help strengthen a muscle area, or an exercise to help relieve stiffness or pain in a certain place.

Whooping cough advice for expectant mums

York Press: IVF hope for Ryedale women

11:45am Tuesday 26th August 2014

NHS England is urging mums-to-be in North Yorkshire and Humberside to get vaccinated against whooping cough.

New beauty ‘must-haves’ you just can’t live without

York Press: MAIN PICTUREFENWICK beauty Week for Health Aug 25Bareskin... the new foundation from Bare Minerals, to be launched during beauty week at Fenwick

1:34pm Monday 25th August 2014

New products for autumn will be launched at Fenwick's beauty week. MAXINE GORDON has a sneak preview...

Victoria Pendleton explains why more of us need to discover the joys of sport

York Press:

1:23pm Monday 25th August 2014

Victoria Pendleton, the golden girl of British cycling, is on a mission to encourage more of us to take to two wheels. She tells Karin Mochan her plans and why more of us need to discover the joys of sport.

Body, Mind & Soul: Our senses are seven free gifts from nature

York Press: Rita Leaman

1:02pm Monday 25th August 2014

What were you doing on Wednesday, August 11th 1999? The date may mean little to most of you. But if I said that it was the day when a total solar eclipse could be seen in the UK, you may remember where you were when it happened.

Students are urged to get MenC vaccination before term starts

York Press: health

1:27pm Monday 25th August 2014

HEALTH bosses are urging new students to ensure they get vaccinated against meningococcal C (MenC) infection before beginning university in September.

Virtual antenatal classes proving popular

York Press: York Hospital - zxc

1:26pm Monday 25th August 2014

YORK Hospital says its virtual antenatal classes are proving popular.

Combating isolation in York

York Press: Pauline Buchanan, pictured, along with Lind Speidel, are organising a twice-monthly event at Clements Hall for people who would like some company. The events will be held on Wednesdays until 18 February 2015. For a small donation of £2 per person a

3:29pm Monday 18th August 2014

SHARING a meal is one of life's most enjoyable pleasures. Now this simple principle has been extended to help older people in York socialise and meet new people. Kate Liptrot reports.

‘My baby stopped moving’

York Press: Emma Keef and her daughter Annabel at their home in Clive Grove Holgate. (9358702)

3:15pm Monday 18th August 2014

A YORK mum who nearly died after developing a rare form of pre-eclampsia - which caused her unborn baby's heart to stop beating - has told of how they beat all the odds to survive. She speaks to health reporter Kate Liptrot.

Food for thought: Beetroot and butter bean hummus

York Press:

3:05pm Monday 18th August 2014

When I first came to Britain, twenty years ago today, beetroot could only be seen in the fresh vegetable section sold in small vacuum packed bags, soggy and pickled in white malt vinegar.

Body, mind and soul: Amazing willpower that inspires me every day

York Press: Manoj Krishna, a consultant spinal surgeon, who believes early treatment offers the best results for back pain

3:00pm Monday 18th August 2014

In my 18 years of practise, I’ve come across many remarkable patients who have battled adversity and come out on top – but perhaps none more so than Carolyn, who has given me permission to share her story with you.

Incredible journey of slimmer Claire

York Press:

3:46pm Monday 11th August 2014

AFTER losing nearly eight stone Claire Martin was given a new lease of life. But the weight crept back on again when she had her two children. She tells health reporter Kate Liptrot how she's turned it back around.

Amazing mum is riding high

York Press:

3:44pm Monday 11th August 2014

A YORK mum who was given weeks to live before she had a heart transplant is taking part in a remarkable 40 mile bike ride alongside a team of people whose lives have been saved by transplants. Kate Liptrot reports.

World spotlight falls on British eating habits

York Press: Sally Duffin nutritionist (9028376)

3:42pm Monday 11th August 2014

Last week the British Council released the findings of a survey carried out amongst young adults around the world asking them what makes the UK attractive to them. Culture and history were the most popular answers, and when asked what was unattractive about the UK, the most common responses were our drinking habits and our food!

Unhealthy habits of Yorkshire folk revealed

York Press: POSED BY MODEL.File photo dated 12/03/12 of a man smoking a cigarette as children as young as seven are physically affected by their parents smoking, a study has found. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wednesday July 24, 2013. Those subjected to secon

11:15am Saturday 9th August 2014

YORKSHIRE people are eating, drinking and smoking themselves into ill-health, according to a report by a York-based health firm.

Skypenosis - hypnosis via a webcam

York Press: MIND OVER MATTER: Journalist Maxine Gordon chats to York hypnotherapist Rachael Armstrong via Skype. Rachael offers a Skypenosis service, where she conducts hypnotherapy with clients over the internet   Picture: Nigel Holland

3:00pm Monday 4th August 2014

Are you sitting comfortably? MAXINE GORDON reports York's high-tech hypnotherapist who conducts her sessions via Skype

Fighting fit for the challenge

York Press: Fitness instructor Tim Purdy gets a lift as training comes to an end for (left) Sue Mayman,Nicola Haigh,Nadia Jefferson-Brown and Megi Rychlikova from the Press at David Lloyd Hull Rd.Nigel Holland. (8495633)

2:58pm Monday 4th August 2014

DO you think that with the right support you could transform your health? A team from The Press has been given one-to-one support by a York gym to do just that. They tell health reporter Kate Liptrot how they got on.

Kick off your shoes and just stretch like a cat

York Press: Patricia Issitt

2:47pm Monday 4th August 2014

I’ve been enjoying the Commonwealth Games recently, particularly the gymnastics. I love to watch the superb control those athletes have over their bodies.

Easing rheumatoid arthritis with chair pilates

York Press: The York Rheumatoid Arthritis support group pilates class at The Park Inn Hotel gym run by Pilates tutor Emma Scaling.  Maureen Dow, aged 77, pictured far right, says Pilates improves her symptoms and quality of lifePicture David Harrison.

3:22pm Monday 28th July 2014

Are you sitting comfortably? MAXINE GORDON reports on the unique York fitness class for people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Body, Mind & Soul: Always look on the brighter side of life

York Press: This is a new picture of one of the health columnists, Rita LeamanShe would like this using from now on if poss (8584866)

3:10pm Monday 28th July 2014

I woke up one Saturday morning, drank some water and nearly hit the ceiling. I had lost a filling overnight and the water hit a nerve.

How Frankie shed six stone to become a slimming club leader

York Press: (8308949)

3:12pm Monday 21st July 2014

HAVING found her weight an embarrassment for a lot of her life, her sister's wedding spurred Frankie Ruttledge on to lose six stones and to become a slimming club leader. She tells health reporter Kate Liptrot how she did it.

Efficy arm-firming treatment - an alternative to surgery?

York Press:

3:08pm Monday 21st July 2014

MAXINE GORDON tries a new hi-tech beauty treatment billed as the closest thing to cosmetic surgery without going under the knife

Food for thought: Fig and goats cheese puff pastry slice

York Press:

2:48pm Monday 21st July 2014

THIS simple but packed with flavour slice can be knocked up in 15 minutes due to their being no pre cooking of ingredients before baking.

‘Third-hand smoke’ study establishes cancer risk

York Press: University of York logo

3:09pm Monday 21st July 2014

RESEARCH led by the University of York has highlighted the potential cancer risk in non-smokers — particularly young children — of tobacco smoke gases and particles deposited to surfaces and dust in the home, known as ‘third-hand tobacco smoke’.

Body, mind & soul: Avoid being left high and dry in exercise sessions

York Press: Sally Duffin nutritionist (8088925)

3:25pm Monday 14th July 2014

LE Tour has been and gone and on its journey, inspired lots of us to get out on our bikes again.

Rise of beauty procedures

York Press: Lorraine O'Brien during a consultation at Inner Sense Aesthetics. (8061372)

3:15pm Monday 14th July 2014

'NON invasive' cosmetic procedures such as anti-wrinkle injections and fillers are a growing business across the UK. Health reporter Kate Liptrot goes behind the scenes at a York treatment centre.

Alzheimer’s put in the spotlight for new book

York Press: (7723125)

3:13pm Monday 14th July 2014

MAXINE GORDON meets the York man making a Huge impact on how we tackle dementia.

Food for thought: Courgette, mint and Feta fritters

York Press:

3:14pm Monday 14th July 2014

York’s zen cook FLORENCIA CLIFFORD explains how to make the perfect summer meal.

York rugby club's defibrillator donation following tragic death

York Press: York RI RUFC 1st XV skipper Brendan Aherne (right) presents the new defibrillator to facilities manager Caroline Knight, watched by social secretary Shaun Smith (back left) and other team members. Pic: Mike Tipping (7861391)

1:19pm Monday 7th July 2014

TWO years after talented young rugby player Michael Land died from a heart attack, his York rugby club is taking steps to prevent such a tragedy happening again. Kate Liptrot reports.

CrossFit: Shape up with a power-packed workout

York Press: Natalie Elliott, Charlotte Thompson, Becky Scott, Hannah Bryan and Emily McMillan. Pic by Jo Hughes (7724482)

1:08pm Monday 7th July 2014

Converts to CrossFit, the extreme exercise craze, swear by its effectiveness. Hannah Bryan goes along to classes in York to try it out.

Food for thought: Energy boosting courgette ‘pasta’ with pesto and asparagus spears

York Press: (7844877)

1:06pm Monday 7th July 2014

Mary Sweeting tells us how to make an energy boosting courgette 'pasta' with pesto and asparagus spears

Toned muscles are the key to healthier bodies

York Press: Pat Issitt in her Pilates studio in Franklin's Yard, York.  Picture:  Matt Clark (5346527)

1:04pm Monday 7th July 2014

How important is good posture for our health? The answer is: very!

A pinch of salt is good for you

York Press:

3:22pm Thursday 3rd July 2014

MAXINE GORDON finds salt water is the secret ingredient to a wellbeing spa holiday in the sun

Louise now gears up for China cycling challenge

York Press:

2:17pm Monday 30th June 2014

Forget the yellow jersey... York barista Louise Murray will be donning a pink top as she cycles around China for cancer charities. MAXINE GORDON reports.

Limbless Support Group gave Donna so much support

York Press: HELPING OTHERS: Donna Franks, of Acomb, one of the organisers of the Limbless Support Group                                                                                                                     Picture: David Harrison

2:15pm Monday 30th June 2014

AFTER losing her arm, Donna Franks found it difficult to get the help she needed. She tells Jennifer Kee about the challenges she has overcome and the support she has been given from others who have lost limbs.

Food for Thought

York Press: Broccoli fritter with mango chutney

2:11pm Monday 30th June 2014

Gluten and Dairy Free Broccoli fritter served with pineapple and mango chutney


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