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In this section we have collated many of the ghost and UFO stories that have appeared in The Press.

Ghostly images captured in York

York Press: York hi my son recently visited york museum and took this picture on his phone thought you might want too share this as you do a lot of ghost walks in York it shows little girl in doorway and other one she's sat in the picture were my son and grandson

7:32am Saturday 19th April 2014

A FAMILY believe they may have photographed a ghost in York.

Paintball centre calls in ‘ghost hunters’

York Press: York Press logo - zxc

7:56am Tuesday 31st December 2013

Ghost hunters have discovered paranormal activity in a North Yorkshire wood – which may shed light on a dark local legend.

Ministry of Defence declassifies UFO sightings

8:37am Monday 24th June 2013

FROM War of the Worlds to Et and beyond, the idea of extraterrestrial life has captured imaginations for decades.

Spooky goings-on in Stonegate to be streamed live online

9:18am Monday 20th May 2013

A PARANORMAL event at one of York’s most “haunted” properties will be streamed live on the internet next weekend.

Tours to mark anniversary of ghostly Roman legion march

York Press: Clare Proctor, tour guide at the Treasurer’s House, in the cellars where the ghosts of the Roman legion were seen passing through

9:04am Wednesday 20th February 2013

THE 60TH anniversary of the discovery of ghostly goings-on at a York tourist attraction is being marked by spine-chilling tours.

UFO alert sparked by strange lights in sky over York

9:10am Friday 1st February 2013

Updated: DOZENS of people reported seeing a UFO in the sky over York with police investigating claims space debris crashed into the ground at New Earswick.

Ghostly goings-on ahead of Hallowe'en

York Press: Students Kat Ronson and Tom Holmes film their video at York Maze

10:18am Wednesday 12th October 2011

SPOOKY goings-on are cropping up all around York this month as Hallowe’en draws nearer.

Pub introduces drinking pots to toast 17th century spirit

York Press: Ghost walker Mark Graham and Black Swan Inn landlady Stephanie Macklewain-Cross with the Honest John pot tankards.

9:05am Tuesday 24th May 2011

A PUB landlady is toasting a 17th century spirit with her pot tankards.

York Spooksfest weekend to promote city's 'most haunted' reputation

8:12am Friday 11th March 2011

BUSINESSES in York are preparing for a freaky weekend as the city hosts its first Spooksfest.

‘Ghost’ pulls York hotel guest’s leg

York Press: Marc Richards

8:09am Friday 11th March 2011

A GUEST claims a ghost may have pulled his leg while he was lying in bed at a hotel near York Minster.

York Spooksfest launches Best Dressed Ghost Competition

York Press: Spooksfest “vampires” Rachael Hayward, left, and Amanda Hayward  get their teeth into Ed Foster, of Milkshack

8:08am Wednesday 26th January 2011

YORK Spooksfest is launching a Best Dressed Ghost Competition to get local businesses involved in the festival.

Spooky image caught on film

York Press: A ‘ghostly face’ on this photograph of Precentor’s Court

9:00am Tuesday 4th January 2011

A YORK man claims he had a ghostly encounter while walking with a friend and his dog near York Minster.

Unexplained object spotted over Boston Spa

York Press: Unexplained object spotted over Boston Spa

2:08pm Thursday 30th December 2010

This image shows the sky over Boston Spa, near Wetherby on the morning of Monday, December 20, 2010 at approximately 8.30am.

North of England dubbed UFO hotspot

10:03am Wednesday 10th November 2010

FOOTAGE of a UFO in North Yorkshire has led to the north of England being dubbed the world’s leading hotspot for strange sightings in the sky.

Scary goings-on at Knavesmire pub in York

York Press: Tony Griffiths, manager of the Knavesmire pub, gets a scare in the hostelry’s “Halloweek”

9:38am Tuesday 26th October 2010

PUNTERS at a York pub will be having a scary time over the next few days when it hosts “Halloweek”, a series of Halloween themed events.

Licence to chill

York Press: FRIGHTENING: Antonia Harrison, aged nine, and Daniel Maltby aged eight at Barley Hall which will become a “Haunted Hall”  this Hallowe’en

9:44am Monday 25th October 2010

Three of York’s oldest sites are playing host to a spine-chilling series of events this Hallowe’en. York Archaeological Trust has organised a spooky programme of events to be held at Micklegate Bar Museum and medieval Barley Hall and is working with City of York Council to promote York Mansion House’s Hallowe’en event.

York spook festival plan

9:42am Monday 25th October 2010

FESTIVAL organisers are trying to scare tourists into the city with a new event planned for York’s festival calendar.

Spooky stuff

11:00am Saturday 23rd October 2010

A HALLOWE’EN cookery day is taking place at Ryedale School on Monday. The activity day is aimed at children aged eight-14 and runs from 10am to 1pm.

Scare tactics at York attraction

10:35am Friday 22nd October 2010

YORK Maze is hosting a number of scary night-time events in the run up to Hallowe’en.

Halloween trail at the Treasurer’s House

York Press: TRAIL: Lisa Holden, visitor services  manager, places candles to mark out the halloween trail at the Treasurer’s House

9:37am Friday 22nd October 2010

A new hallowe’en trail at the Treasurer’s House in York invites families to discover what the resident ghosts have been up to in one of the city’s most haunted buildings.

Really creepy crawlies!

York Press: Amanda Adey, learning assistant at The Yorkshire Museum, gets a torchlit view of the “world’s biggest spider” which is part of the museum’s Hallowe’en attractions.

9:06am Friday 22nd October 2010

VISITORS to one of York’s most popular tourist attractions have been warned to stay alert over Hallowe’en – because the world’s biggest spider may be just around the corner.

Things that go bump in night

9:04am Friday 22nd October 2010

A “HAUNTED” hotel in the shadow of York Minster is offering a spooky Hallowe’en package to guests.

York ghost talk

9:01am Friday 22nd October 2010

The Dean Court Hotel, in York, will be holding an evening of ghost stories from storyteller Adrian Spendlow on Wednesday, in the hotel’s Court Bistro and Bar, at 7pm for 7.30pm.

Seventh annual York Ghost Festival gets under way on Saturday

York Press: Ray Alexander, of the Original Ghost Walk, gets ready for the Hallowe’en tours of the Mansion House

9:52am Wednesday 20th October 2010

GHOST hunters are being invited on a candlelit tour of the Lord Mayor of York’s historic home as part of ghoulish goings-on during the city’s most spine chilling festival.

York woman's unexplained photo

York Press: Original image

11:41am Friday 8th October 2010

Following the popularity of the photo published by The Press last week showing an unexplained image on a York woman’s photo, a reader has sent in another picture.

Paranormal event to help heroes

11:26am Friday 8th October 2010

TICKETS are still available for a weekend of paranormal investigation events later this month, with proceeds going to charity.

More ghostly apparitions reported in York and Yorkshire than any other part of UK

York Press: A terrifying sight at York’s Treasurer’s House. There have been more reports of apparitions in York and Yorkshire this year than any other part of the UK

8:30am Tuesday 28th September 2010

Goings-on from beyond the grave are more common in York and Yorkshire than anywhere in the country, according to a new survey.

UFO sighted in Selby sky

9:00am Friday 3rd September 2010

THERE’S something out there – and it's flying over Selby.

UFO sightings: the truth is out there

10:06am Friday 13th August 2010

HAVING read with interest the UFO sightings over Pickering by Colin Coulson (The Press, August) and admired the fuzzy pictures, it does appear that the colour and description add up to Chinese lanterns being the most likely culprit.

UFO spotted over North Yorkshire on two consecutive nights

York Press: UFO spotted over North Yorkshire on two consecutive nights

9:00am Tuesday 10th August 2010

THIS strange unidentified flying object was spotted over a North Yorkshire town on two consecutive nights – only after Government files revealed numerous accounts of UFO sightings in the county.

York features in production of new film

York Press: Nigel Wilson, the plague doctor, takes a break from filming alongside a member of the public.

5:44pm Thursday 13th May 2010

SCENES from the 17th Century unfolded in York this week, as the production of a short film took place at historic locations around the city.

'Ghost' spotted at Selby Town Hall

York Press: Selby mayor Coun Steve Shaw-Wright ghost hunting in the theatre area at Selby Town Hall. Picture: Chris Jones

8:18am Wednesday 5th May 2010

A MYSTERIOUS man dressed in old-fashioned clothes has reportedly been seen stalking the rooms of Selby Town Hall – and for once it is not the mayor.

York’s sixth annual Ghost Festival starts next Saturday

10:45am Saturday 17th October 2009

GHOULISH goings-on during the York’s most spine-chilling festival will include an attempt to break the world record for the biggest-ghost vigil.

York residents report numerous UFO sightings

York Press: Russ Kellett said he has been overwhelmed by the response from readers of The Press following his article regarding UFO sightings over York

4:30pm Friday 9th January 2009

A UFO expert says he has received numerous emails from people who have seen mysterious lights in the skies over York.

North Yorkshire UFO files released

7:51am Tuesday 21st October 2008

“THE truth is out there” as they say and newly-released files reveal that some local people may indeed have had “a close encounter of the third kind”.

UFOs ‘were probably Chinese lanterns’

York Press: The lights seen over Norton

3:20pm Monday 20th October 2008

Strange lights seen over Norton last week were probably paper Chinese lanterns.

UFO mystery

York Press: UFO mystery

4:10pm Friday 17th October 2008

IT LOOKS like a case for X-Files duo Scully and Mulder.

York plays host to ghost vigil

York Press: Rachel Lacy, Lucie Espinoza, Andy Dextrous and Jonathan Cainer look forward to the world’s biggest ghost vigil in York

7:30pm Wednesday 15th October 2008

A CITY-WIDE experiment into the paranormal will take place on Hallowe’en this month as ghost hunters stage the world’s biggest ghost vigil.

Ghost hunters heading for spooky festival in York

York Press: Rachel Lacy and Carol Harris hand out leaflets at a previous ghost festival.

10:42am Thursday 18th September 2008

GHOST-HUNTERS in York are being asked not to overdo it on spirits of a different kind when they take a look at the spooky side of the city’s pubs next month.

Making the ghost of it

York Press: Steve Kneeshaw and Tracy Mickman, of Most Haunted Nites, search for ghosts in York, ready for the Guardian Angels Appeal fundraiser

2:00pm Thursday 17th July 2008

FEARLESS fundraisers are being challenged to spend a spooky night in one of York’s most haunted properties in aid of The Press’s Guardian Angels Appeal.

Secret UFO files published for first time

11:16am Monday 19th May 2008

X-Files detailing the first of around 7,000 UFO sightings have been unveiled for the first time. HELEN GABRIEL reports on some of North Yorkshire's close encounters.

Scare she goes again

York Press: York writer and ghost-story teller Helen Sant

7:59am Tuesday 14th November 2006

Maxine Gordon meets York writer Helen Sant, who is looking for the untold ghost stories of York.

Poltergeist may haunt city bar

York Press: Ghost Finder General Rachel Lacy

7:35am Wednesday 4th October 2006

A BAR in York's city centre is to be investigated for ghostly goings-on, which may be malevolent, before Halloween.

It's an alien concept

12:38pm Thursday 25th May 2006

SO you're walking down the street minding your own business and a spaceship lands silently in front of you.

Turpin's ghost keeps quiet

12:00pm Tuesday 28th March 2006

NO sign of big Dick at the Little John, the Diary is disappointed to report.

Derek wants to be spooken to

12:00pm Thursday 26th January 2006

Is York about to provide an answer to life's greatest mystery? CHRIS TITLEY speaks to a man who believes it might.

Why do ghosts like the city of York?

12:00pm Tuesday 10th January 2006

York is reputedly one of the most haunted cities on Earth - and it is about to feature in two new TV programmes about the paranormal. But what makes it such a psychic hotspot? STEPHEN LEWIS investigates.

Yet more close encounters

12:00pm Wednesday 17th August 2005

YORKSHIRE'S claim to be the UFO capital of Britain will be reinforced by this strange photograph.

Roman ghost stories

12:00pm Wednesday 13th July 2005

THE echoes of Roman legions will once more echo round a York attraction as one of the city's most famous ghost stories is retold.

Secret Government files reveal details of UFOs in North Yorks

12:00pm Thursday 27th January 2005

NEW Government documents released under the groundbreaking Freedom of Information laws have shed new light on unidentified flying objects in the skies of North Yorkshire.


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