YOU may notice a theme running through our selection of photographs from members of the Press Camera Club on the centre pages today. They all involve movement in one way or another.

There’s a reason for that. In the first of our monthly camera club competitions, the topic is ... action.

We’ve asked club members to submit photographs that involve action or movement, and at the end of the month, Press chief photographer Frank Dwyer will pick a winner. The prize is £50, a canvas print of the winning picture - and the kudos of being the first Press Camera Club competition winner.

Not all the photographs on these pages are competition entries. We chose Simon Penson’s ‘end of harvest’ - taken from a drone flying above a friend’s farm - simply because we think it’s a wonderful image: one that imposes a sense of order and pattern upon one a key period of the farming year. But there is, unquestionably, a sense of movement about the photograph.

The same is true of Jess Clark’s beautiful photograph of a butterfly among flowers at Beningbrough Hall Gardens. Again, this photograph isn’t entered in the competition - but there’s a wonderful sense of movement about it nevertheless. You can almost feel the stems of the flowers sawing in the breeze.

The other photographs on these pages are all competition entries. And some tremendous images there are.

We’re not going to prejudge the competition by saying which is our favourite - with the closing date for entries not until September 29, there’s a long way yet to go. But we hope these images will inspire more budding photographs to join the camera club - and to get your entries in...

Stephen Lewis

l To join the camera club simply search for “The Press Camera Club” on Facebook