THE pedestrian bridge at the side of Scarborough Railway Bridge is to be replaced with a wider footbridge that will be accessible to pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users alike.

A consultation on the proposals was completed recently and, subject to approval, construction work is expected to begin next year and to take several months.

It isn't the first time the pedestrian part of the bridge has been upgraded. It was closed for seven weeks in 1975 while a ''new' steel deck was added.

The latest plans got us thinking about some of York's other bridges. Not the famous river bridges, but the less-celebrated industrial and railway bridges which are to be found everywhere across the city.

We rummaged through our archives to dig out a selection of old photographs. They include a couple showing Scarborough Bridge itself, of course. But others range from the old 'glass' bridge linking Grosvenor Road with Bridge Lane to the Bootham railway bridge, the Haxby Road Bridge, the old Landing Lane bridge and the 'gas' bridge across the Foss, which was demolished in the early 1970s.

We hope they'll bring back a few memories. If anyone has any more information about any of the bridges pictured - or memories of using them - do let us know...

Stephen Lewis