WILDLIFE in all its many forms (plus one photo of a domestic moggy in rather unusual circumstances) feature today, thanks to pictures sent in by readers.

A dragonfly (or is it a damsel fly) clasps a twig, its body arched like a comma; a treecreeper runs up a branch at Askham Bog; and a bee gathers nectar from a thistle flower in photographs sent in by Gary Cowl, Robert Taylor and Simon Cope respectively.

Press snapper David Harrison, meanwhile, supplied the photograph of a silver-grey moth blending into the wood of a clothes peg – a perfect example of natural camouflage at work.

The photo of a goldfinch feeding its young was taken in the Acomb garden of reader John Baistow, while Trevor Morris sent in the photo of coots nesting in Rowntree Park.

And that moggy? Reader Barbara Hudson sent in the photo of a cat apparently seeking shelter from the heat in a gap between bricks. Her suggested title for the photo: The Hole In The Wall.

All the photos were sent in to be considered for our popular 'picture of the week' slot on Mondays.

If you have a picture which you would like to see published, email photographers@thepress.co.uk

York Press:
The hole in the wall. Picture: Barbara Hudson