Caring village faces upheaval

York Press: Sue Nelson

2:11pm Monday 15th September 2014

HIGH up on the North York Moors the heather has been particularly beautiful in recent weeks.

Don’t rain on the UK’s parade

York Press:

7:59am Friday 12th September 2014

RECENTLY I attended a family wedding in Canada, where the winters are harsh but the summers are glorious. Or so we had heard.

Time to end this abuse of horses and tackle fly-grazing once and for all

York Press: York Outer MP Julian Sturdy

7:56am Friday 12th September 2014

It is becoming increasingly clear that we need to tackle the growing crisis of horses being abandoned and tethered on our roadsides.

Press mute for royal coverage

York Press: Julian Cole

9:39am Thursday 11th September 2014

I HEAR that a woman of child-bearing age is going to have another baby. Exactly why this constitutes news is a mystery, but there you go.

Teachers won’t say it but six is too many weeks

York Press: Helen Mead

9:58am Tuesday 9th September 2014

WHAT a relief, I hear people say, celebrating the start of the autumn term. Everyone bar teachers is letting out sighs as their offspring head to the bus stop, backpack on shoulder.

Boss’ stamp of sheer quality

York Press:

2:55pm Monday 8th September 2014

FINALLY! There is someone in one of the nation’s monolithic service organisations who takes notice of disgruntled customers. Stand up Shane O’Riordain, of Royal Mail, and take a bow.

Tide turning towards Yes

York Press: Maxine Gordon

9:22am Friday 5th September 2014

TWO weeks today and it will be all over. No, we’re not talking about The X Factor auditions. On September 18, four million people living in Scotland will be voting in the independence referendum.

Going once... going twice...

York Press: Julian Cole

10:13am Thursday 4th September 2014

I LOVE to go into the kitchen and gaze at all the taps lined up like beer pumps in the pub. Each one is so shiny and offers a different choice of water.

Weighty issue that needs cut down to size

York Press: Helen Mead

2:10pm Tuesday 2nd September 2014

“DAD, that’s disgusting.” So say my daughters when my husband tucks into a meal.

Pet obsession’s barking mad!

York Press: Sue Nelson

3:02pm Monday 1st September 2014

OWNING a pet is a wonderful thing. They don’t answer back, offer non-judgmental solace when you’re feeling blue and provide endless companionship as well as hours of entertainment.

Climate crisis: it’s time to act

York Press:

2:38pm Friday 29th August 2014

IF YOUR bedtime reading choices say as much about you as your iTunes downloads – and we all know how important they are, because Top People like Barak Obama and, um, Gordon Brown, have shared their playlists (fyi, their faves are Jay-Z and Arctic Monkeys respectively) – then I’ve become a bit of a radical.

Punishment seems harsh

York Press: Julian Cole

9:19am Thursday 28th August 2014

FIRST of all let’s qualify this thing. There is no way I would sit in a cinema and illegally record a film (too generally law-abiding/cowardly). Further, I am unlikely to ever watch Fast And Furious 6.

PJs should not be worn in the supermarket

York Press: Helen Mead

9:43am Tuesday 26th August 2014

I WOULD like to know how Tesco is reacting to the latest fashion trend.

Airport return spoils the fun

York Press: Sue Nelson

12:56pm Monday 25th August 2014

IT’S great to be back home - hardly surprising, when you live in a place like Yorkshire.

Countryside needs variety

York Press: Megi Rychlikova

11:55am Friday 22nd August 2014

I ONCE read a book about painting seascapes. Goodness knows why I picked it out of the bookshelves — it must have been a very rainy Saturday in the days before internet and entertainment on tap 24 hours a day.

Double deals in top dramas

York Press: Julian Cole

9:40am Thursday 21st August 2014

“WHO do you trust?” Four simple words, but what a lot of complication, obfuscation and bafflement this phrase has led us through. Yes, tonight sees the final episode of The Honourable Woman, the BBC2 political thriller that’s been the TV treat of the summer.

I’m so sick of ‘selfies’

York Press: Helen Mead

9:11am Tuesday 19th August 2014

WATCHING an advert recently, I genuinely believed the subject matter to be genuine. “Are you suffering from TSD?” a holidaymaker asked, before going on to describe the symptoms of Travel Selfie Disorder.

A level of fear for all students

York Press:

2:35pm Monday 18th August 2014

WE DIDN’T have to do cartwheels when we got our A-level results, that’s for sure. But now, it’s almost obligatory for flowing-locked teenagers to be pictured everywhere by their local newspaper photographer taking a spin on the school playing field.

Rail improvements so vital to city’s future

York Press: Julian Sturdy

10:49am Saturday 16th August 2014

It is essential that we continue to invest in our northern rail links if we are to realise our potential as an ‘economic powerhouse’.

Rain or shine, us Brits moan!

York Press: Dan Bean

9:28am Friday 15th August 2014

WELL here we go yet again. We’re at that point in the summer when the days are getting just a little shorter and the rain is becoming a little more frequent.

Get ’em while they’re young

York Press: Julian Cole

10:21am Thursday 14th August 2014

AT WHAT point should we begin to worry about undue influences on our children? According to the new Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, this should be when they are still in nappies.

What’s not to like about France? Well...

York Press: Photograph of the Author

3:18pm Tuesday 12th August 2014

THE wine, the cheese, the fashion, the language – what’s not to like about France? Well, the cheese, for a start. I hate the stuff. But after a week in the capital city I’d certainly give the country’s other attributes a thumbs-up.

Straight talking in Cod’s own country

York Press: Sue Nelson

2:07pm Monday 11th August 2014

PEOPLE do think us Brits talk funny. In recent weeks we’ve been running the gamut of American pronunciation and alternatives during our annual sojourn on Cape Cod.

Time is running out for Alex Salmond

York Press: (9051603)

12:33pm Friday 8th August 2014

I'M just back from a visit to the homeland and a nostalgic trip down memory lane. A group of ex-schoolmates on Facebook had mooted the idea of tracking down our favourite teacher, David Griffiths, and taking him out for a beer or two in Edinburgh.

War that failed to end all wars

York Press: Julian Cole

9:26am Thursday 7th August 2014

IT IS surely a grim irony of history that just as we mark the centenary of the beginning of the war to end all wars, the bitter conflict in Gaza has taken such a gruesome turn.

Awards recognise enormous contribution of York's volunteers

York Press: York Cares logo

8:45am Wednesday 6th August 2014

Last month, the annual York Cares Golden Moments Awards took place on a glorious summer evening in the Aviva Boardroom, which arguably has the best view in York.

Super-size fridges are such a big issue nowadays

York Press: Evening Press columnist Helen Mead. (5189310)

8:46am Tuesday 5th August 2014

IT’S NO joke – some people have fridges bigger than my kitchen.

Lobster and mash to go...

York Press: Sue Nelson

2:44pm Monday 4th August 2014

TODAY marks the 54th anniversary of the world’s first potato flake plant opening for business in North Dakota. Bet you were gagging to know that little nugget of useless information.

Zombies flood the south coast

York Press: Communities Secretary Eric Pickles announces to the House of Commons in central London a proposed relaxation of planning laws. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday September 6, 2012. See PA story COMMONS Growth. Photo credit should read: PA Wir

12:42pm Friday 1st August 2014

The news about the zombie apocalypse in Brighton and Hove has not, I feel, been given the attention it deserves. You’d have thought that real live – well, undead – zombies lurching through the streets on the south coast would have caused a bit of a stir.

Flood spending figures will undergo proper evaluation

York Press: ENDING THE LOTTERY: Hugh Bayley

9:14am Friday 1st August 2014

York MP Hugh Bayley celebrates victory in his campaign to have the Government publish figures on flood protection spending as official statistics and for them to be vetted by the UK Statistics Authority.

Moving closer to real conflict

York Press: Matt Clark staff headshot

10:49am Thursday 31st July 2014

IRONIC isn’t it? As we approach the centenary of the war to end all wars, never, or at least not since the Cuban missile crisis, has the world been closer to the real war to end all wars; the one where everyone gets blown up.

A look into the life and bond sisters share

York Press: Evening Press columnist Helen Mead. (5189310)

10:24am Tuesday 29th July 2014

WHAT is it about sisters that causes them to love and hate each other at the same time?

Mum, meet the parents

York Press: Sue Nelson

2:23pm Monday 28th July 2014

I’VE just spent an evening being on my best behaviour. That, people who know me might say, makes a change. But when you’re meeting your son’s girlfriend’s parents for the first time glugging back too much booze, making non-pc jokes, slagging off politicians of whatever hue and making holier-than-though statements about religion just doesn’t cut it does it?

If I had a vote on Scottish Independence, it would be no

York Press: (8576668)

12:44pm Friday 25th July 2014

SINCE Scotland is going to feature a lot on television in the next two weeks, I thought I would write today's column on Scottish independence, a debate that always evokes sensations of deja vu for me. I was in Czechoslovakia before, during and many times after its split into the Slovak and Czech Republics.

High price of ‘foreign’ wars

York Press: Julian Cole

9:52am Thursday 24th July 2014

FOREIGN news is what you step round while approaching something familiar. Sometimes such news is hard to grasp; sometimes it is too depressing for words. And sometimes ‘foreign news’ reaches up from the hard ground many thousands of feet below and destroys the plane you are sitting in.

Arrogant adults who need a guide to good manners

York Press: Helen Mead

3:15pm Tuesday 22nd July 2014

I HAVE just read a teens’ guide to good manners. While it is all very useful - be punctual, don’t leave mobile phones on the table at mealtimes, look waiters in the eye, and say thank you, don’t talk about yourself all the time, don’t be a nasty person - I personally think such tips would be more usefully directed at adults.

Reckless fun filled holidays

York Press: Sue Nelson

3:31pm Monday 21st July 2014

Six glorious weeks. Six weeks of busily not doing very much at all where the days blend into one long adventure broken only by having to go in for your tea.

Being Anon is a privilege

York Press: Live News: October 24, 2012

10:21am Friday 18th July 2014

THERE’S a quote I’ve always liked, but struggle to live by: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Politicians are such hard work

York Press: Julian Cole

12:35pm Thursday 17th July 2014

HARD-WORKING families – politicians can't get enough of them. They only have to open their mouths and the words pop right out, slicked in the saliva of easy opportunism.

Left flat after Tour de France

York Press: Tour de France in York

2:47pm Monday 14th July 2014

SO – what to look forward to next then? Don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling a bit flat for the past week.

Tartan horror on sport front

York Press: SCOTLAND THE BRAVE: Team Scotland Commonwealth Games uniform 2014, which have been widely ridiculed

1:25pm Friday 11th July 2014

IT was a week for national humiliation – and I'm not talking about Brazil's record-breaking thrashing by Germany in the World Cup.

Antibiotic resistant bugs are a threat to world’s wellbeing

York Press: Julian Sturdy during his Green Belt debate in Westminster this morning. (8043527)

8:43am Friday 11th July 2014

Julian Sturdy, Conservative MP for Outer York, explains why it is vital to invest in new strains of antibiotics.

Why Google makes us lazy

York Press: Julian Cole

9:38am Thursday 10th July 2014

DO YOU remember life in that long-ago era before Google? The leading search engine has been around for what seems like ages now. How long? Oh, just Google it. It’s very easy to do and that’s one of the problems.

I don’t want an Eiffel, just give me a cottage by the seaside

York Press: Helen Mead

3:17pm Tuesday 8th July 2014

I DON’T want to give people the wrong idea when I say I’m about to go on holiday to Paris, but I’m not looking forward to it.

Are you sick? That’s cool...

York Press: Sue Nelson

12:57pm Monday 7th July 2014

PHWOAR! He’s well fit…. Countless girls up and down the land will no doubt echo that if they cast eyes on a member of the opposite sex that catches their fancy.

So many of us are part of this

York Press: Sheep painted in the colors of the Tour de France winners jerseys in fields near Harrogate where the race will pass over the weekend. Farmer Keith Chapman a keen cycling enthusiast painted his flock in the Yellow Race leaders jersey, Polka dot of the Moun

12:21pm Friday 4th July 2014

THE crisis kicked off a week ago. "OK, I give in," I posted on Facebook. "Where does one buy yellow bunting round here?"

On the student removal trail

York Press: Julian Cole

10:06am Thursday 3rd July 2014

WE’VE done this before, the old car and me. Six or seven years ago each of us had fewer miles on the clock. On that occasion the Volvo estate was packed to the ceiling with the belongings of number one son on his return from university.

Oh, please! Dressing up is just not for dogs

York Press: Helen Mead

10:04am Tuesday 1st July 2014

“ARE they baby clothes?” I asked my husband while out shopping. For a moment I thought we had wandered into Mothercare by mistake, but no, we were definitely in Pets at Home.

Portakabin staff join challenge

York Press: York Cares logo

8:12am Tuesday 1st July 2014

Volunteers from Portakabin Group, which has its head office in York, have made an enthusiastic start to their employee-volunteering scheme with York Cares.

Lack of power on complaints

York Press: File photo dated 04/01/08 of an Npower electricity bill. Npower was rapped by the industry regulator today for not doing enough to help customers who struggle to pay their bills. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Friday January 25, 2008. It has the hig

1:49pm Monday 30th June 2014

IT’S almost six weeks since I had a rant in this column about the utility companies after we were stung with an erroneous direct debit increase on our fuel bill of a jaw-dropping 102 per cent.


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