David Cameron plays the religious card

York Press: Julian Cole

2:34pm Thursday 24th April 2014

THERE are a number of possible reactions to David Cameron telling us that he is evangelical about Christianity. At least one of them requires a side-order of scepticism.

Ups and downs of bank holiday need balancing

York Press: Evening Press columnist Helen Mead. (5189310)

9:26am Tuesday 22nd April 2014

BANK holidays – you either love them or hate them.

Traffic jams - a Bank Holiday tradition we are stuck with

York Press: Going nowhere, The A1 closed in the south direction at Boroughbridge meant traffic queues for miles north. Picture taken at Ripon.pic: Anthony Chappel-Ross (5539125)

11:40am Monday 21st April 2014

HAVE you braved the roads this weekend? Were you part of the Great Get Away Good Friday exodus or did you batten down the hatches and spend the Easter break at home?

I’ll be seeing you all later

York Press: Mark Stead

11:03am Friday 18th April 2014

DEPENDING on what time of day it is if/as you read this, I’ll either be heading to completely the wrong departure gate at one airport, seeing if I can keep up my fairly impressive record of getting nabbed for the is-this-your-bag-sir treatment (one of these days, I will answer “No, a complete stranger asked me to carry their bag through customs for them” and see what happens), or somewhere quite high in between.

How things go missing is one of life's mysteries

York Press: Julian Cole

9:17am Thursday 17th April 2014

I AM at a loss over the camera. It was there when the photograph was taken, that’s for sure, but nowhere to be seen a few days later.

When did life start to get so complicated?

York Press: Evening Press columnist Helen Mead. (5189310)

1:16pm Tuesday 15th April 2014

INVISIBLE Dry; Ultra Dry; Silk Dry: oh how I long for the days when a deodorant was just that, a stick of deodorant – plain and simple.

I’ll just answer this text, OK?

York Press: Sue Nelson

2:02pm Monday 14th April 2014

IF you’re fed up of getting work emails at all hours then go and work in France. Employers’ federations and unions across the Channel have signed a deal that aims to protect workers from getting emails outside working hours, which are deemed to be between 9am and 6pm.

People who have worked all lives deserve pension tax cut

York Press: York Outer MP Julian Sturdy

12:49pm Friday 11th April 2014

MP for York Outer JULIAN STURDY examines how the recent budget affects savers and the elderly, making it ‘more worthwhile for them to put aside money’ for a rainy day without high tax.

So who’s in the Lendal red chair?

York Press: Julian Cole

10:08am Thursday 10th April 2014

NOW that is over, let’s look back to the start. At the beginning of the Lendal Bridge fiasco/farrago/brave experiment (delete according to temper), this column had fun by imagining a council meeting at which the proposal was being discussed.

How a slow driver was caught out

York Press: Helen Mead

2:40pm Tuesday 8th April 2014

I CURSED when I saw it. A police van parked at the side of the road, flashing intermittently as cars streamed past. A speed camera.

Memories of sweet snacks

York Press: Sue Nelson

12:42pm Monday 7th April 2014

WHEN you’ve got more than 1,200 cookery books and you extended your kitchen just so you could fit them all in, there’s really no reason at all to say you can’t think what to make for tea.

VAT change is good for charities

York Press: York MP Hugh Bayley

10:11am Friday 4th April 2014

THE announcement in the Budget to scrap VAT on the fuel used by air ambulance charities was good news and I congratulate York resident Ken Sharpe for spearheading the campaign on this.

Smog problem won’t go away

York Press: Kate Lock

10:09am Friday 4th April 2014

SOUTH east finally wiped clean by the wrath of God turns out to be one of the less alarmist headlines I’ve come across this week on the high levels of air pollution. And not just because it came from The Daily Mash, which does a fine job of parodying popular print journalism.

MPs just pass on the bucket

York Press: Julian Cole

9:38am Thursday 3rd April 2014

HERE is my cut-out-and-keep guide to political parties. It is possible the parties may wish to cut it out and throw it away instead, which is fine.

Young care leavers off to a great start

York Press: York Cares logo

8:01am Thursday 3rd April 2014

Our city is facing many challenges and it has become increasingly important for us to work collaboratively to make a positive impact on our community.

Marking April Fool's Day with a deception

York Press: Helen Mead

2:16pm Tuesday 1st April 2014

I HAVE April Fool’s Day with a long-running campaign of deception on my husband.

Death text message was so insensitive

York Press: Sue Nelson

12:24pm Monday 31st March 2014

HOW could they? How could the Malaysian authorities be so brutal as to deliver a death message by text?

The digital trail that leads to everyone

2:35pm Friday 28th March 2014

AMONG the many mysteries surrounding the flight of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 there are two conclusions to draw. It shows how much the digital world can reveal our movements, and it shows the limitations of the digital world.

Student sums don’t add up

York Press: Julian Cole

11:01am Thursday 27th March 2014

IT ALWAYS struck me as a convenient myth that people who go to university will find well-paid jobs. Back in the 1970s, two brothers went off to university.

Getting rich quick is a bit of a gamble

York Press: Helen Mead

9:47am Tuesday 25th March 2014

IF ONLY I knew the Sultan of Brunei. But I don’t, so I can’t ask him for a loan. An interest-free loan, that I could pay back at a ridiculously slow rate, if at all. If I know him well enough he may give it me as a gift, after all what’s £425,000 to one of the world’s richest men.

When comfort eating hits the spot

York Press: 200320143622 (4747652)

2:03pm Monday 24th March 2014

THERE are times when nothing but comfort food will do. Fish finger sandwiches – two slices of white plastic bread, slather with butter, squash four grilled fish fingers with a fork so they reach the crust-to-crust corners, finish off with a twist of pepper – are my particular solace when the going gets tough.

I’m betting it will get worse

York Press: Mark Stead

9:57am Friday 21st March 2014

I WAS asked recently whether I thought gambling in this country was reaching dangerous levels. I said we were developing a serious betting problem, and I reckoned it was 11/8 that it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Jury is still out over HS2 plan

York Press: Julian Cole

9:48am Thursday 20th March 2014

WHEN it comes to HS2, some of us are still standing on the doubting platform, with the litter of political hyperbole blowing around our feet.

Why should car ban be lifted just for unions?

York Press: 180320145093 (4697868)

9:19am Thursday 20th March 2014

In his latest monthly column, York Outer MP Julian Sturdy laments the city’s traffic woes and gives his verdict on George Osborne’s budget

Whatever happened to common sense?

York Press: Helen Mead

2:28pm Tuesday 18th March 2014

ITHOUGHT I was seeing things when I came across a man putting up a sign in the field behind our house, warning people about a ditch that runs alongside.

Searching for a place to hide

York Press: Sue Nelson

2:13pm Monday 17th March 2014

IMAGINE the embarrassment when she realised…. The woman who joined her own search party when she apparently went missing from a bus trip takes some beating doesn’t it?

Why women are still the second sex

York Press: 130320147732 (4593712)

2:10pm Friday 14th March 2014

TOMORROW marks the end of International Women’s Week; so what better time to reflect on the lot of our lasses.

Nick Clegg's adrift on blue water

York Press: (4526108)

9:49am Thursday 13th March 2014

AS THE Liberal Democrats gathered in York at the weekend, the party was said to be trying to put clear blue water between itself and the Conservatives.

Why don’t we join them?

York Press: Helen Mead

9:45am Tuesday 11th March 2014

I’M GETTING a bit fed up with the Scottish independence debate. They seem to do as they like anyway – scrapping tuition fees, passing new laws to help their old folk and the like. I hope they cut loose and get on with it.

Sick of hospital parking charges

York Press: Sue Nelson

1:09pm Monday 10th March 2014

IT’S been called a tax on the sick, and it is. It’s also a tax on where you live – or rather, where you or your loved one end up in hospital.

Residents rally round in a crisis

York Press: Kate Lock

10:39am Friday 7th March 2014

IT’S Climate Week this week. Did you know that? It’s caught me by surprise, and I’m plugged into environmental networks.

Family ties evoke shadows of war

York Press: Julian Cole

10:25am Thursday 6th March 2014

MY BROTHERS have middle names but I do not. Those ten letters are all I’ve got. My younger brother has two, James and William, the names of our grandfathers.

So very thankful for small mercies

York Press: Helen Mead

12:03pm Tuesday 4th March 2014

British menfolk: “stubborn, unimaginative, flatulent, uni-taskers”. It is hard to believe that this glowing conclusion comes from their partners. Or maybe it isn’t. Women thrive on complaining about men.

If the nattering could start again

York Press: Sue Nelson

12:03pm Monday 3rd March 2014

TAKE that! Two teenage girls scamper down a North East back street yard, incensed because the elder had locked the younger in the cupboard under the stairs to keep her from making stupid faces and comments while she sat with her young man.

Flight and fight

York Press: Cold weather has had a devastating impact on resident birds such as the barn ow

2:31pm Saturday 1st March 2014

In his monthly column, Jono Leadley, of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, reports on the hazards facing migrating birds come spring and highlights on the fate of the barn owl.

York will grind to a standstill soon

York Press: Megi Rychlikova

10:16am Friday 28th February 2014

I HAVE a confession to make. In the past six months I have actively looked for excuses to go across Lendal Bridge during the day. Once I managed it twice in ten minutes, and each time I blessed the genius who thought of closing it.

Let’s all try a little tolerance

York Press: Julian Cole

12:12pm Thursday 27th February 2014

I’VE started to wonder if I might not be a member of that anti-car brigade you hear so much about. On the face of it, there are several factors against this being the case.

My winning ways (at long last)...

York Press: Helen Mead

9:24am Tuesday 25th February 2014

A DOORMAT was delivered to my home last week. Not just any old doormat, but a fabulous, colourful, flowery doormat, created by the well-known Irish designer Orla Keily.

Time to stop bashing the poor, Edwina...

York Press: Coun Linsay Cunningham-Cross with Caleb Ellwood of York Foodbank

12:15pm Monday 24th February 2014

POVERTY can happen to anyone. You’ve only got to talk to the wonderful people at York Food Bank to know that.

Raising awareness of violence towards women

York Press: York MP Hugh Bayley

7:34am Saturday 22nd February 2014

On 24 January, I joined the Lord Mayor, Councillor Julie Gunnell, to add my support to York’s bid for White Ribbon City status. The campaign aims to raise awareness of violence towards women.

The lost art of a good scandal

York Press: Mark Stead

8:50am Friday 21st February 2014

BACK in the days when English football clubs were half-decent in Europe, some TV exec woke up one day and thought it would be a wizard jape to start televising Parliament. Clearly, The Dukes of Hazzard and Miami Vice just weren’t cutting enough mustard, entertainment-wise.

Politicians seem to muddy the waters

York Press: Julian Cole

9:32am Thursday 20th February 2014

I GUESS there are two types of people you don’t want to see when you have been flooded: reporters and politicians. Even those of us whose feet have stayed dry can possibly see that.

How we built a crisis in housing

York Press: Matt Clark

9:29am Tuesday 18th February 2014

THERE was a time when governments built houses for the less well off, but these days social housing is almost entirely down to private developers.

The weird end of sport

York Press: Helen Mead

9:28am Tuesday 18th February 2014

“How do you find out that you’re good at that?”

Alarm bells ring but no one stirs

York Press: Flashback: Firefighters in a flooded Old Malton

12:48pm Monday 17th February 2014

WHEN is someone in the higher echelons of this country going to get a grip on flooding? A proper, really tight, bruise-inducing grip.

Worried over rise in plastic surgery

York Press: Maxine Gordon

11:55am Friday 14th February 2014

ONCE upon a time all we wanted for St Valentine’s Day was a card, a bunch of flowers and a box of chocs.

Lessons must be learned from recent flooding

York Press: York Outer MP Julian Sturdy

8:09am Friday 14th February 2014

The recent television coverage of the flooding in the Somerset levels and in the south more generally has been harrowing.

Sometimes people make me wonder

York Press: Coun James Alexander

11:58am Thursday 13th February 2014

LET’S play a game called: “Sometimes I …” What you have to do is utter those two words and then introduce an unlikely notion.

Romance? Not likely...

York Press: Helen Mead

9:55am Tuesday 11th February 2014

THIS Friday couples everywhere will be settling down for a romantic meal together. Candles, soft music, maybe the odd rose or two will be used to create the perfect atmosphere for whispering sweet nothings.

What would Bevan think of today’s NHS?

York Press: Sue Nelson

12:23pm Monday 10th February 2014

IN our collection of family knick-knackery there’s a faded black and white photograph of a bunch of people sitting very formally on chairs on a stage.

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