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Warning over 'burnt toast chemical' acrylamide’s cancer risk

5:00pm Monday 23rd January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Browned toast and potatoes are 'potential cancer risk', say food scientists," BBC News reports. The FSA has launched a campaign about the possible health risk of acrylamide; a chemical formed when starchy foods are subjected to a high temperature…

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Youngest children in class 'more likely to be given ADHD drugs'

12:00pm Monday 23rd January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Youngest children in class more likely to get ADHD medication, study says," The Guardian reports. The results of an Australian study have caused concerns that, in some cases, immature behaviour may be misinterpreted as evidence of a behavioural disorder…

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MRI scans could spare 25% of men from prostate biopsies

4:30pm Friday 20th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Every man with suspected prostate cancer should have an MRI scan," The Guardian reports. That is the conclusion of a study looking at how well MRI scans compare with the current practice of biopsies; removing sections of prostate tissue for analysis...

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Sitting down all day 'may accelerate DNA ageing'

4:30pm Thursday 19th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Women who lead a sedentary lifestyle have faster-ageing cells than those who exercise every day," BBC News reports. This research looked at telomeres – often likened to the caps at the end of shoelaces…

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A third of adults treated for asthma 'may not have the disease'

5:00pm Wednesday 18th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"The great asthma myth: A third of those diagnosed don't have the condition," reports the Mail Online. A study in Canada found about one-third of adults diagnosed with asthma in the past five years showed no signs of the condition on retesting...

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Eating disorders in middle-aged women 'common'

4:30pm Wednesday 18th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Eating disorders…affect a small but substantial number of women in their 40s and 50s," BBC News reports. While often regarded as a "disease of the young", a new survey suggests 3.6% of middle-aged women in the UK are affected by an eating disorder…

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Can colic really be cured by acupuncture?

3:40pm Tuesday 17th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Is sticking needles in babies really the best way to ease distress from colic?" the Daily Mail asks. The question was prompted by a study that looked at whether acupuncture can help with colic in babies…

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Hot red chilli peppers linked to longer lifespan

4:30pm Monday 16th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"How hot chilli could help you live longer," the Daily Mail reports. A US study found that people who reported eating red hot chilli peppers had around a 13% reduced risk of premature death compared to those who avoided them…

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Urine test could reveal if your diet is a threat to your health

4:00pm Friday 13th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"A urine test that can reveal how healthy your meals are has been developed by UK scientists," BBC News reports. Researchers wanted to see if they could help crack one of the biggest problems confronting people trying to carry out studies…

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Yoga 'may improve lower back pain'

4:45pm Thursday 12th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Yoga can help relieve the agony of back pain, a major review of medical evidence found," the Daily Mail reports. The review concluded there is evidence yoga may help improve function and relieve pain associated with chronic lower back pain…

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A pattern of brain activity may link stress to heart attacks

4:00pm Thursday 12th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"The effect of constant stress on a deep-lying region of the brain explains the increased risk of heart attack, a study in The Lancet suggests," BBC News reports. Research suggests that stress stimulates the amygdala…

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Study reveals how alcohol shifts brain into 'starvation mode'

4:30pm Wednesday 11th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Alcohol switches the brain into starvation mode, increasing hunger and appetite, scientists have discovered," BBC News reports. Research in mice found alcohol increased activity in a set of brain cells used to regulate appetite…

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Weekend-only workouts 'still give an important health boost'

4:28pm Tuesday 10th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Weekend warriors, take a victory lap. People who pack their workouts into one or two sessions a week lower their risk of dying over roughly the next decade nearly as much as people who exercise more often," the Mail Online reports…

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Reports of a 'wrinkle cure' look a little saggy

3:30pm Monday 9th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Wrinkles could be a thing of the past as scientists find a way to regenerate fatty cells," The Daily Telegraph reports. Research involving mice suggests a protein called bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) could repair skin…

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Some babies should be given peanuts early say new US guidelines

4:20pm Friday 6th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Babies should be given peanut early – some at four months old – in order to reduce the risk of allergy, according to new US guidance," BBC News reports. The guidelines are based on UK-led research that found early exposure reduced allergy risk…

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People who live near busy roads have higher dementia rates

4:30pm Thursday 5th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"People who live near major roads have higher rates of dementia," BBC News reports. A Canadian study found that people who lived within 50 metres of a busy road were 7% more likely to develop dementia than people who live at least 300 metres away…

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Does discovery of 'severe PMS genes' offer hope of a cure?

5:00pm Wednesday 4th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Women who suffer from severe mood swings before their period have a different genetic make-up," The Sun reports. New research has found a link between a gene complex called ESC/E(Z) and severe symptoms of premenstrual...

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No proof that sugar-free soft drinks are healthier, argues review

3:30pm Wednesday 4th January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Soft drinks made with artificial sweeteners, such as diet colas, do not help people lose weight and may be as big a part of the obesity problem as the full-sugar versions," The Guardian reports. While the headline may sound definitive…

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Grandparents who babysit 'tend to live longer'

4:30pm Tuesday 3rd January 2017 content supplied byNHS Choices

"Grandparents who babysit their grandchildren tend to live longer than seniors who do not care for other people, a study has found," the Mail Online reports. Researchers found grandparent babysitters had a 37% lower mortality risk…

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Our news predictions for 2017

12:00pm Friday 30th December 2016 content supplied byNHS Choices

What will be the big health news stories for 2017? We take a look in the Behind the Headlines crystal ball and offer our predictions…

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