MORE than nine out of 10 children starting primary school this September have got a place in their first choice of school.

Families with children due to start school in September find out today where they have got a place.

In York, the city council has released it figures showing 93.9 per cent of children will be going to their first choice, while 98.3 per cent will be going to one of their top three choices.

York Press:

Cllr Stuart Rawlings, executive member for education at York council said: “These figures show that York continues to satisfy its growing demand for places and that recent work to create extra places is meeting that demand. The city not only continues to offer a high quality educational experience but in the appropriate quantity.

“I hope all the boys and girls who now know where they will be starting school enjoy their preparations and have a wonderful start to school life.”

In total 1,825 children will be starting school in York in September, and 25 of them will not be going to any of the five choices.

In North Yorkshire, more than 95 per cent of children will be going to their first choice of school.

The figure is higher than last year’s figure of 93 per cent and, the county council said is the highest figure it has seen for several years. Ninety eight per cent of families in the county secured one of their top three preferences.