A FORMER York College student has returned to teach current pupils.

Jade Douglas, a former A Level student has returned to her old classroom to teach students about how life used to be in East Germany.

Now studying for a PhD in Contemporary German Literature, Jade showed great promise for languages when she was at the college.

Her former tutor Alison Armstrong said: “When she studied A Level German with us she had a natural flair for the subject and I knew she would go on to great things.”

Jade said: “I enjoyed learning languages at Millthorpe School, then during my A Level studies at York College my love for German and French intensified. In 2010 I progressed to the University of Leeds to study a BA (Hons) in French and German and happily carried on with my studies.

“It’s weird and also a bit nerve wracking for me to be stood in the front of the class teaching current AS Level students, and with my former tutor in the classroom too.”