A LECTURE held in York looked at cutting edge science and treatment of diseases.

The lecture, held at St Peter’s School in Clifton this week, discussed the subject of artificially developing human tissue and how it could be used to treat illnesses ranging from cancer to blindness.

Hundreds of students and residents attended the public lecture, by Professor Kevin Shakesheff from the University of Nottingham. Prof Shakesheff’s work on regenerating human tissue, is considered a highly exciting new development in medicine.

The crowd were also given the opportunity to question Prof Shakesheff about his work, the commercial aspects of the treatment, and the potential for creating plant life and even a whole human being using the technique.

David Morris, head of science at St Peter’s, said: “Prof Shakesheff’s talk gave us an insight into what the future of medicine may well look like, which I’m sure will have inspired many of the young people from local schools in attendance to consider pursuing a career in the field. His team are playing a leading role in the worldwide effort to cure major disease.”