ANY teacher will tell you that their lives can quickly become filled with marking and lesson planning outside the normal demands of a modern day classroom.

But one Tadcaster Grammar School teacher has the added pressure of writing hit novels alongside her day job.

Joanna Joslin, head of the Technology Faculty at the Toulston school, has released her second book, Deep Within A Woman’s Heart, after being signed by publishers Thames River Press.

Set partly on board the RMS Lusitania, Deep Within A Woman’s Heart tell the story of a young headmistress from Yorkshire, who first travels on the ship in 1910 to attend a family wedding on Long Island in America.

During that voyage, she makes a number of acquaintances, all with secrets in their pasts, but as the threat of the First World War looms, it is not only Emily’s life that changes dramatically as a consequence of these encounters, but also the lives of those close to her back in England.

The book is available through the publisher, in various shops, or online.

Joanna will be signing copies of the novel at Hazlewood Castle Garden Party on Sunday, from 11am to 5pm.

For more information call (01937) 535313.